7094 Data Processing System

IBM 7094 Data Processing System

IBM 7094 Data Processing System
Announced January 15, 1962 and withdrawn July 14, 1969.
Built for large-scale scientific computing, the IBM 7094 Data Processing System featured outstanding price/performance and expanded computing power.

Compatible with the IBM 7090, the advanced solid-state IBM 7094 offered substantial increases in internal operating speeds and functional capacities to match growing scientific workloads in the 1960s. The powerful IBM 7094 had 1.4 to 2.4 times the internal processing speed, depending upon the individual application.

The 7094, combined with major input/output improvements through IBM 729 VI and IBM 7340 Hypertape units along with programming systems such as 7090/7094 FORTRAN, reduced job time significantly for users.

Faster Execution

The IBM 7094 achieved expanded power through high-speed processing by providing its user with

Expanded functions

New expanded functions provided with the IBM 7094 were: double-precision floating-point operations, seven index registers, and new index-complementing instructions.

Customer conversion

The design of the IBM 7094 provided for easy conversion of the IBM 7090 data processing system to the 7094. The components and features necessary for conversion were the:

IBM customers could field convert their 7090 to a 7094 basic system in 48 to 72 system hours for minimal interruption of their activities. Existing 7090 programs using properly defined instructions could be executed without change, at increasing speeds, on the IBM 7094.