The following is the text of an IBM Information Systems Group press fact sheet distributed on May 19, 1987.

The IBM 4381 Processor Model Groups (MG) 21, 22, 23 and 24 bring expanded performance to the 4381 processor product line. They provide a performance improvement of up to 30 percent over current models, and greater price performance. A wide variety of upgrade options is available for customers -- enhancing their investment in System/370 software, hardware, applications and training.

The IBM 4381 Processor is a high-end, mid-range processor with a performance range between the IBM 9370 Information System and the IBM 3090 processor family. The 4381 can be used for general purpose commercial applications, as well as specialized applications requiring complex mathematical operations. It is IBM's entry-level processor series that supports Extended Architecture (XA).


IBM 4381 performance

The internal throughput rates have been estimated and compared to similar measurements for the Model Groups 11 through 14. IBM customers can expect significant performance gains of up to 30 percent for commercial applications when upgrading to the new 4381 processor model groups. The following are sample performance increase percentages.

Model Group Commercial
11 to 21 1.5
11 to 22 2.2
12 to 23 1.7
13 to 23 1.3
13 to 24 2.2
14 to 24 1.3

Model Group 21

Model Group 22

Model Group 23

Model Group 24

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