IBM 4331 Processor

IBM 4331 Processor

IBM 4331 Processor
Announced Jan 30, 1979 and
withdrawn Nov 18, 1981
The following is the excerpted text of an IBM Data Processing Division technical press release distributed on January 30, 1979.

The IBM 4331 Processor announced today features advanced large-scale integration technology to provide new and intermediate system users with significantly improved price/performance.

The compact processor is compatible with System/370 and offers large processor storage, fast internal operating speeds and reduced power and cooling requirements.

An IBM 4331 with one-half million characters offers a lower purchase price and up to four times the instruction execution rate of a System/370 Model 115 with 64,000 characters.

The processor is available in two models: one with 500,000 and the other with one million characters of processor storage.

Both models use the IBM 3278 Model 2A display console, with a 1,920-character display and keyboard, for operation and maintenance.

Use high-density technology

The new processor uses high-density logic chips with up to 704 circuits, allowing electrical signals to be switched at three billionths of a second, and memory chips that can store 64,000 bits of information.

As a result of these advanced technology and dense packaging techniques, the processor features compact design and significantly reduced power and cooling requirements - - up to 70 percent less than a Model 138.

Dense modular circuit packaging also results in more reliable operation and makes the system easier to service.

Programming support

Three new releases of system control programming also were announced for use with the IBM 4300 Processors and System/370, along with new program products supporting a broad range of communication, interactive, remote job entry and system management functions.

The new system control programming releases are the new Disk Operating System/Virtual Storage Extended (DOS/VSE), based on DOS/VS Virtual Machine Facility/370 (VM/370) Release 6; and Operating System/Virtual Storage 1 (OS/VS 1) Release 7.

Systems highlights, new devices

The 4331 Processor is particularly useful for new users or any department within a larger enterprise that has a need for its own data processing capability. The 4331 can operate as a stand-alone unit, can be linked to other 4300s or attached to a central System/370 host. This capability gives end users increased flexibility to implement their own applications. An integrated communications adapter eliminates the need for a separate communications controller. IBM also announced the availability of operational software in a ready-to-use format, called System Installation Productivity Option/Extended. Because it is pre-packaged, it can enable many users to program their systems quickly and easily.

The following new devices also were announced today:

Up to six IBM 8809 magnetic tape units, previously announced with the IBM 8100 Information System, also can be used with the 4331, through an integrated adapter.

Prices and availability

Under a 24-month contract, the 4331 can be leased for $1,585 a month with one half million characters of main memory, and for $1,775 a month with one million characters. Monthly rental prices are $1,862 and $2,086; purchase prices are $65,000 and $72,500, respectively.

The 3278 Model 2A display console, with keyboard, can be purchased for $3,760, leased for $94 per month or rented for $111 per month.

The new 3310 direct access storage and control with 64.5 million characters of information can be purchased for $12,960, leased for $360 per month or rented for $423 per month. Corresponding prices for the 3370 direct access storage and control are $35,100, $900 and $1,058; for the 3880 storage control, $62,350, $1,450 and $1,704.

The 3262 printer can be purchased for $14,000, leased for $350 per month or rented for $411 per month.

The 3203 Model 5 printer can be purchased for $38,320, leased for $1,255 per month or rented for $1,475 per month. Corresponding prices for the 3289 Model 4 printer are $13,250, $473 and $556.

First customer shipments of the 4331 are scheduled to begin in the second quarter of 1979.

The 4300 Processors were developed by IBM's System Products Division, Endicott, New York and Boeblingen, Germany and will be manufactured in Endicott and Mainz, Germany.