Announced June 9, 1997 and withdrawn April 30, 2002.

The following is the excerpted text of an IBM System/390 Division press release distributed on June 9, 1997.

IBM today announced a new generation of microprocessor-based S/390 mainframe-class servers that deliver performance comparable to previous systems built with older, more costly technology. The S/390 Parallel Enterprise Server - Generation 4 (S/390 G4 Server) marks the end of the road for IBM servers using bipolar processor technology.

In addition to new levels of performance, the CMOS (complementary metal oxide semiconductor)-based S/390 G4 Server helps meet customers network computing needs by providing one of the most secure systems for conducting electronic commerce, thanks to its advanced hardware and software encryption capabilities and firewall technology designed to foil unauthorized access.

"With today's announcement, we're providing customers with some of the most powerful, versatile and secure enterprise servers ever," said Linda Sanford, general manager, IBM S/390 Division. "We're responding to their top two concerns -- How will they handle the millions of secure transactions coming as they move into the world of electronic commerce? And how will they integrate the dozens to hundreds of disparate departmental systems spread throughout their businesses?"

Also announced today was a new version of the OS/390 operating system, which includes 20 new components. OS/390 Version 2 provides the punch customers need to conduct secure business over the Internet and prepare them for a tidal wave of transactions coming with the move to e-business. Enhancements to OS/390 are designed to meet a broad range of customer needs in server integration, business intelligence, application deployment and systems management. Components that will roll out over multiple releases include firewall technology, a CORBA-compliant application development and deployment framework, open-standard Java technology to help integrate mission-critical applications across the enterprise, systems management functions based on IBM and Tivoli TME l0 Framework, and Workload Manager for batch management.

Other announcements include:

"The S/390 G4 Server announcement closes one chapter in one of the most ambitious technology evolutions ever undertaken," said Sanford. "Establishing S/390 on CMOS, a semiconductor technology with a faster growth curve than the previous bipolar processors, required a multiyear transition plan and a great deal of close work with our customers. In 1993, we told customers that by 1997 our CMOS systems would be comparable in performance with our bipolar machines. We plan to continue the evolution of S/390 as a balanced platform that will help drive our customers' successes into the next century."

S/390 G4 - Higher performance, advanced security, greater capacity

The S/390 G4 Server family has 14 models built on the fourth generation of S/390 CMOS technology. Announced only nine months after the introduction of the S/390 Parallel Enterprise Server - Generation 3, these servers offer performance boosts ranging from 20 to 33 percent over S/390 G3 Servers, depending on the model.

Among them is a uniprocessor model based on a microprocessor operating at speed 370MHz that can offer performance beyond that of IBM's last, most powerful bipolar-technology uniprocessor system.

The S/390 G4 Server features a cryptographic coprocessor to provide customers with advanced security for electronic commerce. By carrying out encryption functions through hardware, the cryptographic coprocessor provides customers with a higher level of throughput and transaction security than can normally be provided by software alone. The cryptographic coprocessor's encryption implementation is certified by the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

Other enhancements include larger central processor memory that has been doubled to 16 gigabytes (billions of bytes), and a more powerful coupling facility with higher-speed coupling links that can significantly improve efficiency in a Parallel Sysplex system cluster. In addition, IBM announced that previous generation CMOS-based S/390 servers can be upgraded to 3/390 G4 Servers. The S/390 G3 Server family will continue to be available to offer customers the widest range of price/performance.

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