IBM System/370 Model 195

IBM System/370 Model 195

IBM System/370 Model 195
Announced Jun 30, 1970 and
withdrawn Feb 9, 1977
At the time of its introduction, the System/370 Model 195 was IBM's most powerful computing system.

System/370 Model 195 used the expanded "instruction set" of System/370 while retaining the advanced architecture and programming support of the System/360 version. The instruction set directed the computer's basic operation.

Like other System/370s, the Model 195 in both versions made use of extremely fast monolithic circuits. These microscopic circuits in the Model 195's buffer memory and central processor contributed to the computer's ability to process instructions at the rate of one every 54-billionths of a second.

System/370 Model 195 was available in four main memory sizes. Monthly rental ranged from about $190,000 for a system with one million characters to $270,000 for a system with four million characters, depending on configuration and fixed-term plan arrangements for disk drives, magnetic tape units and printers. Purchase prices ranged from about $8.6 million to $12.1 million.

First customer shipment of the System/370 Model 195 were scheduled in the second quarter of 1973. System/360 Model 195 users were able to change over to the new version at that time.