IBM 3084 Processor Complex

IBM 3084 Processor Complex

IBM 3084 Processor Complex
Announced Sep 3, 1982 and
withdrawn Aug 4, 1987
The following is the edited text of an IBM Information Systems Group technical press release distributed on September 3, 1982.

International Business Machines Corporation today announced its most powerful computer, the 3084, and expanded its 308X family of large scale processors.

With the 3084's introduction, the 308X advanced technology processors offer users the widest range of performance and greatest span of growth options available within a family of IBM computers.

Highlights of today's announcement include:

Most powerful processor

The 3084 is IBM's most powerful processor and has 32, 48 or 64 million characters of main storage and 48 channels. It offers improved levels of price/performance, expanded growth options and the flexibility of operating in multiprocessing or partitioned configurations.

As a multiprocessor, the 3084 operates under the control of IBM's Multiple Virtual Storage/Extended Architecture (MVS/XA) programming. In this operating mode, the 3084's four central processing units present a "single system image" to users while offering efficient utilization of peripheral devices and scheduling of data processing resources.

In commercial or scientific batch environments the 3084's instruction execution rate has been measured at up to 1.9 times that of a 3081 Model Group K.

For flexibility, the 3084 can be operated as two independent systems. This gives users a more economical way to add computing power and enables them to run production applications on one configuration while the other is being maintained or used to install and test new programming such as MVS/XA.

Running as two dyadic systems, the 3084's internal instruction execution rate is approximately the same as two 3081 Model Group Ks.

The expanded 3082 Model Q processor controller is equipped with the additional circuitry needed to control 3084 multiprocessing and also duplicates key hardware. When operating in a multiprocessor configuration, the 3082 Model Q employs one controller to manage the 3084 and has a second for backup. For partitioned operations, the 3082 Model Q's two controllers each manage the operation of a dyadic configuration.

All key hardware devices associated with the 3084 are duplicate. The 3084 is supported by two 3087 coolant distribution units, two 3278 Model 2A consoles for hardware control, two 3089 power distribution units and four displays which are required by the system control program as operator consoles.

Programming support

IBM's Multiple Virtual Storage/Extended Architecture (MVS/XA) programming supports the 3084 processors when operating as four-way, tightly coupled multiprocessors.

When the 3084 is operated as two dyadic processors, each side is supported by MVS/System Product (MVS/SP) Version 1, Release 1.1 and above; the then current release of Virtual Machine/ System Product High Performance Option (VM/SP HPO) or MVS/XA programming. IBM's Virtual Machine/Extended Architecture Migration Aid can be used on the new 3084 to assist in the installation of MVS/XA.

All major software subsystems, such as the Time Sharing Option (TSO), Information Management System (IMS) and Customer Information Control System (CICS), that are supported on the 3081 Model Group K are also supported on the 3084.

The 3084 is a single processor complex and customers pay only a single license fee for each licensed program whether the 3084 is operated as a multiprocessor or partitioned machine. This can reduce the overall cost of operations.

Availability, prices

Upgrades to the new IBM 3084 and its 3082 Model Q processor controller are scheduled to be generally available beginning in the fourth quarter of 1983. Prior to these first customer shipments, a small number of upgrades will be installed under an early support program. Shipments of the Model Group G are scheduled to begin this month.

The 3084 is available only as an upgrade from a 3081 Model Group K. The purchase price of a 3084 with 64 million characters of main storage and 48 channels, including the 3081 Model Group K, is $8,700,000. This configuration's monthly lease price is $3l8,860. It can be rented for $398,570. These prices include the price of a 3081 Model Group K with 32 million characters of main storage and 24 channels, its controller, the processor and controller upgrades and coolant distribution units.