Italy chronology 1970 - 1997

An IBM Information Records Division plant at Pomezia, near Rome, is dedicated. (The 64,000-square-foot facility later becomes a warehouse.)


Vimercate plant System/3 assemblyThe Vimercate plant manufactures the IBM System/360 Model 20, System/360 input/output units and the IBM System/3, the company's smallest card data processing system The plant covers nearly 400,000 square feet and employs nearly 2,000 people.

The Vimercate plant manufactures the IBM System/370 Model 125.

IBM opens a new education center in Novedrate, a small village about 18 miles north of Milan. It is dedicated the following year.


Segrate headquartersIBM in Italia moves its headquarters to Segrate, a Milan suburb.

The company has 9,000 employees.

IBM Italy celebrates its golden anniversary. IBM chairman Frank T. Cary says to its employees: "On behalf of the entire corporation, I want to congratulate you for half a century of achievement. You have consistently aimed at the best in marketing our products and services, manufacturing a quality line of equipment, and enhancing our relationship with customers. And you have done all of this with the highest standards of business practices. On this occasion, I want to thank you for your many contributions and express the hope that IBM Italy's role will acquire even greater stature in the future -- within IBM, your country and the world of international trade."

IBM Italia announces that a new manufacturing facility will be constructed in the south of the country.

A software development center is opened in Rome. It focuses on project management, linear programming, production planning, application development productivity and distributed systems support. In addition, IBM Italia opens a new scientific center in Rome replacing those in Venice and Bari.

The Vimercate plant produces "Hacienda," an experimental system capable of processing color images, developed jointly by the Rome Scientific Center and Vimercate.


Santa Polomba plant (exterior)Operations begin at a new manufacturing facility in Santa Palomba, near Rome. (The plant is officially dedicated in 1982.)

The Vimercate plant covers an area of 110,000 square meters and employs 3,000 people.

A large product distribution center at Basiano, near Milan, begins operations.

IBM Italy employs more than 12,500 people.


Vimercate plant (aerial)The Vimercate plant on 71 acres produces small systems such as the System/23, System/38, System/6 and Series/1), point of sale systems (IBM 5260), the IBM 7350 Image Processing System, terminals (IBM 5251 Display Station, IBM 5152 Dual Display Station, IBM 5291 and 5292 Display Stations), circuit packaging and assembles, and disk files.

The Santa Palomba plant on 260 acres manufactures point of sales systems (IBM 3650 and IBM 3680), the Displaywriter system, terminal printers (IBM 3287, IBM 3715, and IBM 5256), small systems (System/34 and IBM 5280 Distributed Data System), the System/36, the IBM 5520 Administrative System, and key entry units (IBM 3741 Data Station and IBM 3742 Dual Station). Santa Palomba goes on to become one of the main international manufacturing centers for IBM's midrange systems, such as the AS/400 and eServer iSeries.

IBM forms IBM SEMEA (South Europe-Middle East-Africa), which assumes responsibly for the company's operations in Italy and 40 other countries.

The Rome Networking Systems Laboratory is formed to develop software products for telecommunications applications in the global marketplace.

The Rome Networking Systems Laboratory becomes the Rome Tivoli Laboratory, with responsibility for developing advanced system management solutions.

IBM SEMEA becomes IBM Italia, responsible for IBM's operations in Portugal, Greece, Turkey, Israel and South Africa.

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