By 1975, the Data Processing Division's responsibilities have evolved into marketing, within the United States, IBM's information handling systems, equipment, computer programming, systems engineering, education, custom contracts and other related services to customers who require larger systems.

DPD announces new versions of the IBM System/370 Models 158 and 168 on March 26.

IBM 3800 printing subsystem

On April 15, the division introduces the IBM 3800 printing subsystem, a high-speed printer that for the first time combines laser and electrophotographic technologies.

The IBM 3611 Model 2 passbook printer debuts on April 28.

DPD on May 4 rolls out the IBM 3660 key entry supermarket system and the IBM 3661 controller.

The division makes a number of product announcements on July 1, including: the IBM 3760 dual key entry station, an addition to the IBM 3790 communication system; the IBM 3774 and IBM 3775 display units; and the IBM 3773, 3774 and 3775 programmable terminals; along with enhancements to the IBM 3767, 3771, 3773, and 3774 terminals.

DPD adds the following to the product line up on July 15: the IBM 3606 and IBM 3608 financial services terminals; IBM 3350 direct access storage; IBM 3344 direct access storage device; and IBM 3603 terminal attachment unit.

The IBM 3777 communication terminal and improved models of the IBM 2502 card reader and IBM 3203 printer are presented on October 21.

The division on November 11 announces new versions of the IBM System/370 Models 115 and 125.


On January 6, DPD rolls out Virtual Storage Personal Computing, a new program product to allow people with little or no data processing experience to use a computer terminal to solve problems.

The Data Processing Division announces on March 30 economical new teller terminals and powerful, advanced controllers for the IBM 3600 finance communication system, along with enhancements to the IBM 3790 communication system.

The division publicizes significantly expanded main memory for IBM System/370 Models 115 and 125 on May 25.

Terry R. Lautenbach

Terry R. Lautenbach becomes division president, succeeding Akers, in August.


The Data Processing Division introduces on January 27 the Interactive Instructional System, a computer program to enable businesses and schools to train and instruct employees and students via remote terminals.

On March 9, DPD reports that IBM's self-service banking machines are dispensing American Express Travelers Cheques.

The division debuts on March 16 the IBM 3762/3790 remittance processing system, which had been developed by the Systems Communication Division in Uithoorn, the Netherlands, and is manufactured in Raleigh, N.C.; and additional function and enhancements for the IBM 3760/3790 data entry system.

IBM 3033 processor

The IBM 3033 processor, the most powerful computer in the company's lineup, is launched on March 25.

DPD introduces on April 5 the IBM 3895 deposit processing system to optically read, inscribe and balance large volumes of bank checks and deposit slips.

The division makes a number of product announcements on May 18, including: new displays, printers and control devices for the widely-used IBM 3270 information display system (including the IBM 3274 control unit, IBM 3276 control unit display station, IBM 3278 display station, IBM 3287 printer and IBM 3289 line printer); consolidation of the IBM 3770 data communication system into five basic units; and enhancement of the IBM 3790 communication system.

Enhancements to IBM Systems Network Architecture programming are publicized on June 5.

DPD reports on June 28 that the IBM 3800 printing subsystem can operate off-line.

On October 6, the division rolls out two additional high-performance processors -- the IBM 3031 and the IBM 3032 -- for users of intermediate and large systems who need increased computing power but not the capacity and performance of the top-of-the-line IBM 3033.

The IBM 3250 graphics display system debuts on November 17.

The year's announcements come to a close on December 6 with the IBM 3845 and IBM 3846 data encryption devices, and the IBM Cryptographic Subsystem -- new data security devices to help safeguard private and valuable information stored and transmitted by computer systems.


The IBM 3624 consumer transaction facility, an automated teller terminal, is rolled out on March 14.

IBM 3031

On March 20, the Data Processing Division reports that IBM has begun shipping its three new high-performance processors. The first IBM 3033 is shipped to the Singer Co. in Wayne, N.J.; the first IBM 3032 is sent to the U.S. Air Force Data Services Center in Washington, D.C.; and the first IBM 3031 processor is shipped to The Credit Life Insurance Company in Springfield, Ohio.

The division introduces a powerful, dual-processor version of the IBM 3033 on March 30.

C. Michael Armstrong

C. Michael Armstrong is named DPD president, succeeding Terry R. Lautenbach, on April 19.

In June, DPD exhibits the IBM 3031 processor, IBM 3630 plant communication system and IBM 3845 data encryption device at the National Computer Conference.

The division makes a number of product announcements on July 12, including the IBM 3663 Models 1P and 3P programmable terminals; the IBM 3651 Model 25 and Model 75 store controllers; and three new program products to allow supermarkets to customize checkout operations and in-store reports.

The IBM 3031 attached processor complex (in which a second processor, the IBM 3041, is combined with the primary IBM 3031 processor) debuts on September 20.

On October 3, DPD rolls out the IBM 8100 information system, a new family of compact, powerful computers featuring distributed processing and easy-to-use programming. The 8100 can stand alone or be linked to an IBM System/370 host computer. That same day, DPD announces the IBM 3730 distributed office communication system featuring a text display station for keyboard entry and retrieval and a high quality printer.

The division reports the doubling of information storage capacity of the IBM 3033 processor up to 16 million characters of storage on December 4.


DPD announces on January 9 the IBM 3680 programmable store system for experienced data processing users with a large number of small stores.

Sales responsibility for IBM's unit record and key entry products is transferred on January 11 from the Data Processing Division to the IBM General Systems Division.

IBM 4331

On January 30, the division introduces two new processors -- the IBM 4331 and IBM 4341 -- to provide significantly greater levels of economy and performance to users of intermediate-sized computers.

That same day, DPD announces the IBM 3033 attached processor complex, combining an auxiliary processor with a "host" 3033 computer. The attached processor complex had been developed in Poughkeepsie and is manufactured there and in Yasu, Japan, and Havant, England.

Also on January 30, the division describes new methods for users to obtain software service, including the establishment of an IBM Support Center and new on-site support offerings.

The IBM 3604 Model 7 administrative terminal debuts on March 14.

On May 14, DPD establishes near Dallas, Tex., a third major headquarters site (the other two are in White Plains, N.Y., and Bethesda, Md.). Marketing support functions in White Plains and Palo Alto, Calif., are relocated to Dallas.

The division exhibits the IBM 8100 information system, IBM 3730 distributed office communication system and IBM 4331 processor at the National Computer Conference in June.

DPD publicizes on June 5 significant enhancements to IBM's Systems Network Architecture programming.

The IBM 3279 color display station and IBM 3287 color printer, as well as the IBM 3101 display terminal and IBM 3102 printer, are rolled out on October 2.

The division reports improvements in the delivery schedule of IBM 4341 processors on October 4.

DPD announces on November 1 two new models -- the Group N processors -- of the IBM 3033 processor.


The Data Processing Division unveils additional models of the IBM 3850 mass storage system on March 11.

On May 8, the division introduces a new group of IBM 4331 processor models -- the Model Group 2 -- which offer about twice the internal performance and up to four times the storage capacity of the IBM 4331 Model Group 1 processor. The new processor models were developed at IBM's laboratory in Boeblingen, West Germany, and are manufactured by the IBM System Products Division in Endicott, N.Y.

DPD makes a number of product announcements on June 11, including a new version of the IBM 3033 attached processor complex; the IBM 3380 and IBM 3375 direct access storage devices; new and enhanced programming to help improve data management and system efficiency; a new switching management system to allow processors and peripheral equipment in a system to be configured electronically; and two program products, MVS/SP JES 2 and MVS/SP JES 3.

The IBM Distributed Office System, which enables word and data processing applications to operate concurrently on the IBM 8100 information system, is rolled out on June 17.

DPD launches on July 28 the IBM 3694 document processor which can process customer checking and savings transactions more rapidly. The 3694 was developed and is manufactured by the IBM System Products Division (SPD) in Charlotte, N.C.

The IBM 4341 Model Group 2 processors, which had been developed and would be built by SPD in Endicott, debut on September 15.

IBM 3081 processor complex

On November 12, DPD announces the IBM 3081 processor complex and the IBM 3033 model group 2, two processors that extended the power and range of IBM's largest computer systems. Both processors were developed and are manufactured by the Data Systems Division in Poughkeepsie.

George H. Conrades

George H. Conrades becomes DPD's last president, succeeding Armstrong, on November 19.

The next day, the division introduces the IBM 3687, a compact supermarket checkout scanner that uses holography to scan customer purchases and speed customer service. It is manufactured by the IBM System Communications Division in Raleigh. In addition, DPD announces five new models of the versatile IBM 3683 supermarket terminal featuring high-density memory technology.


On February 1, the Data Processing Division rolls out the Professional Office System (PROFS), the IBM System Product Division's first office product. PROFS, which includes an early desktop-to-desktop e-mail capability, is used for business communications on an interoffice and intersite basis.

On March 16, the division reports postponement of the initial delivery of the IBM 3380 direct access storage because of a technical problem identified in pre-shipment testing.

New IBM 3705 communications controller models debut on March 24.

DPD exhibits the IBM 8100, featuring the Distributed Office System; IBM 4331 processor; IBM 3279 color display station; and IBM 3101 ASCII display terminal at the National Computer Conference in May.

The division announces on April 29 a marketing arrangement with Floating Point Systems, Inc.

On May 18, DPD rolls out a new pharmacy system for drug store operations, including the IBM 3685 display control unit and IBM 3686 display station.

Three IBM 8140 Model C processor models for the IBM 8100 information system join the product line up on July 15.

DPD publicizes on July 26 new and enhanced software providing additional systems management products to facilitate control of computer networks and a new level of integration between host processors and IBM 8100s.

On July 27, DPD reports the enablement of IBM Systems Network Architecture products to communicate using data transmission services based on the X.21 or X.25 international standards.

The IBM 3268 printer is announced on September 1.

Two weeks later, the division introduces the IBM 4700 finance communication system, including the IBM 4701 controller and IBM 4704 terminal.

On September 30, DPD reports that shipments of the IBM 3380 will begin in October.

DPD becomes a component of the new Information Systems Group (ISG) in October.

The division makes a number of product announcements on October 21, including a new Model K of the IBM 3081, IBM's most powerful processor; new and enhanced large-scale IBM 3033 Model Group S processors; new IBM 3880 storage subsystems; the new IBM 3230 printer and new models of the IBM 3232 printer.

On November 18, DPD again rolls out multiple products, including the IBM 4321 processor, the IBM 4331 Model Group 11 processor, IBM 4341 Model Group 10 and Model Group 11 processors; doubling of the maximum main storage for the IBM 4341 Model Group 2 processors; and Small Systems Executive/Virtual Storage Extended, a simplified operating system for the IBM 4321 and IBM 4331 processors.

On December 3, IBM announces that the Data Processing Division will be absorbed into the new IBM National Accounts Division (NAD) and IBM National Marketing Division, which will become part of the new Information Systems Group, effective January 1982. The National Account Division's headquarters are established in DPD's office building in White Plains, N.Y. DPD's George H. Conrades becomes NAD's first president.

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