Taiwan chronology

IBM establishes a branch office of the IBM World Trade Corporation (WTC) in Taipei, with a staff of three. They occupy a 400-square foot office at the International House.

IBM China establishes headquarters in Taipei. The first IBM data processing (DP) equipment in Taiwan is installed at the Taiwan Sugar Corporation in Taipei. IBM opens its first office in Hong Kong, which is managed by the Taiwan organization. The first IBM education course is held in Taiwan.

The first IBM time equipment is installed.

IBM opens a Service Bureau in Taipei.

IBM equipment processes the results of the 1961 agricultural census.

The first IBM 650 data processing system in Taiwan is installed at the Institute of Electronics at the National Chiao Tung University.

The National Taiwan University orders an IBM 1620 data processing system for computer education. When the Council for United States Aid moves its DP center to a new building on Roosevelt Road in Taipei, IBM customer engineers transfer one piece of IBM equipment using an ox and a rubber-tired cart to carry the machine through the streets at 3 mph.

The first IBM System/360 in Taiwan is ordered by the Taiwan Sugar Corporation. That customer acquires an IBM 1440 in December to handle materials accounting, general accounting, sales and inventory control as well as farmerso loan accounting and personnel records. The first IBM bank proof machine in Taiwan is used by the Bank of Taiwan.

IBM's Kingston, N.Y., facility establishes the Kingston Procurement Liaison Office in Taipei.

IBM works with Tatumg Electronic Corporation to produce magnetic core memory planes in Taiwan. IBM establishes an International Procurement Office.

The first IBM 1130 computing systems in Taiwan are installed.

IBM opens a card plant in Peitou.

The company conducts its first marketing training class for new employees.

The Taiwan Power Company orders the region's first IBM System/360 Model 50, the largest IBM computer in Taiwan.

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