IBM executive Otto Braitmayer sails to China to explore business opportunities there.

An agency is appointed to represent IBM.

The first IBM machines in the country are installed at Peking Union Medical College in Peiping (now known as Beijing), by Ko Mizushina, IBM's "First Japanese serviceman". Mizushina-san would become President of IBM Japan in the 1950s.

IBM China is established with headquarters in Shanghai.

The Nanking-Shanghai Railroad becomes the second new user of IBM equipment.
The first punched card machines are installed at the Whampoa Shipyard in Shanghai.
On May 19, IBM vice president and general manager Frederick W. Nichol in New York speaks with Baehne in Shanghai in the first direct telephone service between the United States and China.

IBM customers include Central Bank of China, Bank of China, China Merchants Steam Navigation Company, Whampoa Shipyard, UNNRA, and the Nanking-Shanghai Railroad Administration.

Following the end of World War II, IBM China's office is reestablished in Shanghai, with P. F. Pong returning to lead the company.

IBM closes its Shanghai offices.

Jack Howard, an IBM programmer from California, leads the first American delegation to set foot in the ancient Chinese capital of Beijing since the Revolution in 1949. Diplomats? No. Howard was the captain of the United States Men's Table Tennis team. A surprise, spur-of-the-moment invitation extended by the People's Republic of China government to the U.S. team to participate in a table tennis exhibition against the Chinese national team proved to be an opening of a door long closed between the two nations. Only hours after Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai's welcome of the table tennis players, United States President Richard M. Nixon announced initiatives to trade and travel between the U.S. and the People's Republic of China, thus adding the phrase 'ping pong diplomacy' to the lexicon of foreign relations.

A seven-member delegation of senior scientists from the People's Republic of China tour IBM's Thomas J. Watson Research laboratory in Yorktown Heights, New York. Only the third group to visit the U.S.mainland since 1949, the scientists spent their day interacting with IBM's leading researchers.

An IBM delegation, including chairman Frank T. Cary and future chairman John R. Opel, visits China.

The first IBM computer system -- an IBM System/370 Model 138 -- is installed in China at the Shenyang Blower Works.

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