The following is the text of an IBM biography published in December 1972.

Arthur K. Watson was born in Summit, N.J., on April 23, 1919 and was educated at Yale University where he received his B.A. degree in 1942.

Mr. Watson served five years in the Ordnance Department, United States Army. He joined International Business Machines Corporation in February 1947.

Upon the formation of IBM World Trade Corporation as a wholly-owned subsidiary in September 1949, Mr. Watson was elected vice president and director. He was elected president of the IBM World Trade Corporation in June 1954. In December 1959 he was elected a vice president of the parent company, and in May 1961, he became a member of its executive committee.

He was elected chairman of the board of the IBM World Trade Corporation and head of the corporate staff of the parent company in October 1963. He was elected a senior vice president in May 1964. On January 25, 1966, Mr. Watson was elected to the newly-created post of vice chairman of the IBM board of directors.

On April 16, 1970, Mr. Watson resigned from IBM to assume the post of United States Ambassador to France, and served until August 1972. He was reelected to the board of directors and executive committee of IBM in November 1972.

Among Mr. Watson's affiliations are:



Mr. and Mrs. Watson have six children and live in New Canaan, Conn.

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