Patrick A. ToolePat Toole was an IBM senior vice president and group executive in the 1980s and 1990s.

In commenting in 1996 on Toole's upcoming retirement, IBM chairman Louis V. Gerstner said: "I want to thank Pat for his personal support and contributions to IBM -- over 36 years with the company and particularly during the past three years working with me. Pat's skills and relationships are broad and extensive. I have appreciated his advice and his personal leadership of the businesses and projects he's managed."

The following is the text of a corporate biography published in June 1988.

Mr. Patrick A. Toole, IBM senior vice president, and general manager, IBM Technology Products, joined IBM as an engineer at Endicott in November 1960.

He was promoted to project quality engineer in May 1964, and advanced to development quality engineer in March 1965. He was promoted to functional manager, Components Division systems and programming in November 1967. In July 1969, he became Components Division materials manager. In July 1970, he became planning manager, Systems Manufacturing Division and advanced to plant services manager in November 1970. He was promoted to assistant general manager, circuit packaging manufacturing in February 1973 and named assistant general manager, circuit packaging systems and printers manufacturing operations in February 1977. In October 1980 he was named Endicott laboratory director. In July 1981 he became general manager, and he was named director of circuit packaging, manufacturing and development in November 1981. In July of 1982, he was named Endicott site general manager.

He became president, Systems Technology Division in November 1983. He was elected an IBM vice president in December 1984. In September, 1985 he became IBM vice president of Corporate Manufacturing. He was named assistant group executive, development and manufacturing, Information Systems Technology Group in February 1986. He was named group executive, Information Systems Technology Group in May 1986. He was named general manager, IBM Technology Products in January 1988. He was elected an IBM senior vice president in June 1988.

Mr. Toole received his B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Detroit in 1960. He received his Master of Science in Engineering Administration from Syracuse University in 1967.

Mr. Toole holds memberships in Community Charities, Broome County, New York; Board member and Vice President, College of Engineering Advisory Board, Syracuse University; Citizens Committee, Broome Community College; College of Engineering Advisory Board, University of Notre Dame; and Honorary Rotarian, Endicott, New York. He is also a member of the New York State Governor's World Trade Council, and the Committee on New American Realities of the National Planning Association. Mr. Toole is a member of the IBM Corporate Management Board.