Takeo ShiinaTakeo Shiina led IBM Japan in the 1970s, 1980s and early-1990s.

The following is the text of a corporate biography published in October 1993.

Takeo Shiina, IBM vice president, is chairman of the board of IBM Japan, Ltd., and a representative director of its board of directors. In addition to his current position and responsibilities, Mr. Shiina is a member of IBM World Trade Asia/Pacific Board.

Mr. Shiina joined IBM Japan, Ltd. in June 1953. He was named manager of Chidoricho Plant in October 1960 and named director of manufacturing in May 1962 and director of manufacturing and personnel in October the same year.

In February 1965, Mr. Shiina was appointed managing director of personnel and manufacturing. In January 1967, he was named managing director of marketing, and later that year in December, he was appointed vice president, marketing.

He was appointed vice president, operations in January 1970, and vice president-corporate staff in February 1973.

Mr. Shiina was elected president of IBM Japan, Ltd. in February 1975, and was elected chief executive officer in March 1978. He was elected IBM vice president in June 1989.

In January 1993, Mr. Shiina became chairman of the board of IBM Japan, Ltd., retaining his title of chief executive officer. He became chairman of the board of IBM Japan, Ltd. in March 1993. IBM Japan President Mr. Kitashiro became president and chief executive officer of IBM Japan, Ltd. at that time.

Mr. Shiina serves in a number of other capacities such as:

Mr. Shiina holds degrees in mechanical engineering from Keio University (1951) and Bucknell University (1953).

He was presented with the Blue Ribbon Medal Award from the Japanese Government in May 1990.