Mary Schultz was an assistant vice president of IBM in the 1940s.

A native of New Britain, Conn., Schultz was a graduate of Smith College.

Her first post in IBM was as a systems servicewoman in Newark, N.J., where she was later promoted to instructress of customers' operators. Recognizing her success in that assignment, Schultz was promoted to personnel manager at IBM's World Headquarters in New York City, and, after that, to IBM's assistant manager of systems service.

Schultz was named an assistant vice president in November 1943. In that post and in her previous assignment, Schultz worked closely with Ruth Leach, who selected, trained and supervised hundreds of young women from the United States and other countries, and visited almost every IBM office in the United States and Canada in the course of their work with IBM's sales, service and engineering people and with their customers.

At the time of her promotion to assistant vice president, IBM president Thomas J. Watson, Sr., said: "We are adding women to our executive staff through promotions, in order to make sure that the women in every department and branch of IBM receive maximum assistance in carrying out the importamt work which they are doing. This step will also aid our women in developing their individual opportunities for advancement, and, in other ways, contribute to promoting their welfare. It will enable us to bring about a greater coordination of the other activities of the men and women in our organization."