Nobuo Mii Nobuo Mii was for many years a leader in IBM's technical community both in Asia and North America.

The following is the text of a corporate biography published in April 1992.

Nobuo Mii joined NHK as a research engineer in April 1955. He was a senior advisor of the NHK management information bureau from 1968 until he joined IBM Japan in January 1969.

Mr. Mii was assigned as manager of operations in IBM's Raleigh, N.C., Development Laboratory, in August 1971. In September 1973, he was promoted to director of the Fujisawa Development Laboratory [in Japan]. He was elected as an IBM Japan director in March 1977. He was promoted to vice president of IBM Systems Communications Division and the general manager of the Raleigh site in January 1980.

In January 1982, he was elected IBM Japan managing director, Technical Operations and was assigned as IBM Japan managing director of the Asia Products Group in 1984. In May 1984, he was promoted to his current position as IBM Japan senior managing director of Asia/Pacific Technical Operations (APTO). He was promoted to IBM Japan vice president and general manager of APTO in March 1990.

Nobuo Mii was elected as an IBM vice president in June 1990. He has been a member of the IBM Asia Pacific Board since July 1990.

Nobuo Mii was named General Manager, Entry Systems Technology, Personal Systems line of business in December 1991.

He is director of Nippon Information and Communication Corporation, and Display Technology Inc., equity participation companies with IBM Japan. He is also a KALEIDA board member since December 1991.

Mr. Mii holds a B.S. degree in communication engineering at Kyushu University