Kakutaro Kitashiro was the president and chief executive officer, and later, general manager, of IBM Japan in the 1990s, following which he became general manager of IBM Asia Pacific.

The following is the text of an IBM biography published on October 2, 1992.

Mr. Kitashiro joined IBM Japan as a system engineer trainee in Tokyo in April 1967 and advanced to an advisory industry specialist in 1976. He became a program manager and had a U.S. assignment in DPD [Data Processing Division] Headquarters, Public Utilities Industry Marketing in August 1978. He was promoted to an account executive for the finance industry in 1981.

He became an administrative assistant to Mr. J. R. Opel, then chairman in June 1983, and then to an administrative assistant to Mr. Takeo Shiina, president of IBM Japan, in January the following year.

He was promoted to regional manager - Public Sector in July 1985. He was named Director of Business Development Operations in January 1986 and was elected IBM Japan Director in March of the same year. In January 1987, he was named IBM Japan Director of Marketing Staff. He was promoted to IBM Japan Managing Director, Operations Staff in March 1988. He was promoted to Senior Managing Director, Headquarters Staff, Finance & Planning, in March 1989, and also promoted to IBM Japan Vice President of Marketing & Services in March 1991. He was named to his current position [IBM Japan Vice President, Industry Business Division] in January 1992.

He is also president of Systems Development Ltd. and IBM Japan Sales Company, Ltd., as well as being a director of IBM Japan Information Engineering Co., Ltd.

Mr. Kitashiro hold a B.S. in engineering from Keio University (1967) and an M.S. in electrical engineering and computer science from the University of California at Berkeley (1972).

On January 1, 1993, Mr. Kitashiro will become president of IBM Japan, Ltd.