Clarence E. Frizzell The following is the text of a March 1967 corporate biography of Clarence Frizzell, published when he was the general manager of the IBM Systems Manufacturing Division plant in San Jose, Calif.

Clarence E. Frizzell, president of IBM's Systems Manufacturing Division [SMD], joined the company in 1940 as a customer engineer in his home town of Huntington, W. Va. In 1949, he was assigned to Poughkeepsie, N.Y., as a technical engineer in IBM's engineering laboratory where he advanced to manager of computer development. Mr. Frizzell was one of the group engaged in IBM's initial efforts in the field of electronic computer development.

In 1957 he was made assistant general manager of the IBM plant in San Jose, Calif., and later, general manager of the Rochester, Minn., plant. In 1961 he became Poughkeepsie plant general manager. He was named vice president of manufacturing for the company's Data Systems Division in 1962, and he was promoted to president of the General Products Division in 1964. He was advanced to President, Systems Manufacturing Division in January 1965. In December 1966 he was given a special assignment reporting to the IBM vice president and group executive and general manager, Data Processing Group. In January 1967 Mr. Frizzell was appointed general manager San Jose SMD plant.

Mr. Frizzell is a senior member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers and is a member of the Institute's professional technical groups on engineering management, reliability and electronic computers.