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Camille DelcourIBM France director Camille Delcour visits Hawaii on his way to a multi-country trip through Asia to assess business opportunities. Delcour, who joined what would eventually become IBM in 1908, rose through the ranks in IBM France to become head of that organization in 1924. In the 1930s, he began to carry the name of IBM to the far corners of the world, opening offices in North Africa and Portugal, promoting the company's name and products in Indochina, and conducting preliminary studies which enabled IBM to establish offices in Japan, The Philippines, Egypt, Iran, and other countries. Of Delcour, IBM President Thomas J. Watson, Sr. said, "Mr. Delcour pioneered and pioneering is what counts. Anybody can do the usual thing, but it is the unusual things that count in every walk of life." Hawaii, 1935