The Royal Thai Government selects IBM to provide equipment and expertise for the first detailed agricultural and population census. Among the equipment employed is the IBM 011 key punch.

Siam Cement Company becomes IBM’s first customer, and IBM machines are installed at the Customs Department.

IBM equipment is used for an agricultural census.

IBM Thailand Company, Ltd., is incorporated with a staff of three.

Traditional ceremonies enlisting the aid of Phraphoom, an ancient Brahmin guardian spirit of Siamese households, mark the dedication of IBM’s new offices in Bangkok.

The Bangkok Electric Works acquires IBM equipment.

The Royal Irrigation Department receives IBM equipment.

The Telephone Organization of Thailand acquires IBM electric accounting machines, and the Southeast Insurance Company begins using IBM equipment.

IBM establishes a Service Bureau in Thailand.

IBM equipment is installed at the Controller General Department in the Grand Palace.

The National Economic Development Council uses IBM equipment for the 1960 national census. The Women’s Hospital in Bangkok uses IBM tabulating equipment for recording and analyzing data.

Esso Thailand and Ocean Insurance Company receive IBM equipment.

IBM Thailand introduces the IBM Selectric Typewriter, and Shell acquires IBM equipment.

The company employs 32 people. An IBM 1620 data processing system is installed at Chulalongkorn University in Krung Thep for use by the Faculty of Commerce and Accountancy. An IBM 1401 data processing system is installed at the National Statistical Office.

Thai language printing capability on IBM machines is introduced on the IBM 1403 printer. The first IBM System/360 Model 40 exported by IBM Japan to Thailand is installed in the National Statistical Office. It is used for computing work on the Mekong River Project, a cooperative effort among Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and South Vietnam.

IBM exhibits in the U.S. pavilion at the First Asian International Trade Fair in Bangkok.

The Reservation Operation Yield and Load Maximizing (ROYAL) System -- the first international online application in Thailand -- is implemented at Thai Airways International using an IBM System/360 Model 40.

The company unveils the IBM Dualectric Typewriter, which is capable of printing both Thai and English on the same machine. Thien Samathee and Xua Surathep receive Outstanding Contribution Awards for their roles in developing the new machine.

Three IBM System/370s are delivered to Thailand.

The first Thai display station is developed using an IBM 3277.

Bangkok Bank uses the first Magnetic Ink Character Readers.

Large-scale computing comes to Thailand as two IBM 3031 processors are installed at Bangkok Bank and Thai Airways International.

The first computer-to-computer network is employed by IBM Thailand. The International Transmission Bulk System (ITBS) links the company’s IBM 3031 processor to IBM computers in the United States for the bulk transmission of business data.

IBM says it will invest in a new disk drive manufacturing facility in Prachinburi.