An agent is appointed to represent IBM.

An IBM organization is launched in the country as Watson Bedrijfs Machine Java N.V.

IBM equipment is installed in the head office of the state railroad in Bandung.

The first IBM machines installed in Indonesia since the end of World War II are used by Djawatan Kereta Api in Bandung, Java. The first IBM machines in Sumatra since Indonesia was established are installed at N.V. Standard Vacuum Petroleum in Palembang. The Indonesian Army receives IBM equipment in Bandung.

IBM employs eight people.

The company announces the IBM 1401 data processing system.

IBM employs 18 people. The first IBM 1401 is installed at the Stanvac Refinery in Palembang, South Sumatra.

An IBM 1401 tape system is installed at Garuda Indonesian Airways in Jakarta. P. N. Permina, an oil company in Jarkarta, acquires an IBM 1401 for warehouse and production control.

IBM employs 40 people.

The company is renamed P.T. IBM Indonesia Ltd.. IBM employs 75 people. The company announces the IBM Selectric I and II and the IBM Composer. The first IBM System/360 Model 30 is installed at police headquarters in Jakarta.

The company announces the IBM Magnetic Card Typewriter.

IBM Indonesia employs 130 people. The company announces the IBM Copier I and Copier II.

The first IBM System/370 in the country is installed at Bank Bumi Daya in Jakarta. The first customer application using remote terminals is installed at the Dumai Port Operation at Caltex, Sumatra.

The first IBM System/3 is installed at the Adiguna Shipyard in Jakarta. The Guruda airline reservation system begins operations.

IBM Indonesia employs 240 people. In one of IBM’s Corporate & Scientific Programs, IBM Indonesia provides computers to assist in the restoration of Candi Borobudur, the largest Buddhist temple in the world. The computers keep track of more than 300,000 stones, statues and sculpture work that have to be dismantled and refitted. The project is expected to take seven years.

In December, the Government accepts in principle an IBM plan discussed between the Ministry of Trade and P.T. IBM Indonesia. The plan will enable IBM to continue offering its products and services in Indonesia after December 31 and is in response to Indonesian Law Number 6, 1968, which governs trading by foreign companies and under which IBM Indonesia’s trading license expires at the end of 1977. As part of the IBM plan, the company will continue to have a presence in the country, will appoint a national agent as soon as possible to trade on its behalf and provide the agent with the necessary technical assistance. IBM will reorganize its operations in Indonesia so as to minimize disruption to its customers and employees.

The first IBM System/34 is installed at Intan Sekunyit in Jakarta. The first IBM 3031 processor is installed at Pertamina in Jakarta.

The first IBM System/38 is installed at CSC.

The company employs 300 people. The company announces the IBM Displaywriter.

The company announces the IBM 3083 processor. The first CADAM installation is made at Nurtanio (IPTN).

The IBM Personal Computer is announced. The first IBM System/36 is installed at the Ministry of Finance in Jakarta. The first IBM 3083 processor is installed at Pertamina in Jakarta. The first customer online banking service is implemented at BNI’46. The company enters into a partnership program with the Institute of Information Systems and Computer Science.

The company employs 421 people. The IBM 3090 processor is announced. The first automated teller machine is installed at Bank Dagang Bali.

The first IBM 3090 processor is installed at IPTN.

The company celebrates its 50th year in Indonesia. The first IBM "supercomputer" in the country -- an IBM 3090 Model 200 -- and the first such computer in Asia outside of Japan -- is installed at IPTN. The first IBM 9370 is installed at MABAK.

The IBM AS/400 is announced.