3033 Multiprocessor

Press announcement

The following is the text of a March 30, 1978 IBM Data Processing Division announcement press release on the IBM 3033 multiprocessor.

IBM announces multiprocessor version of large-scale 3033 computer system

White Plains, N.Y., March 30 . . . International Business Machines Corporation today announced a powerful, dual-processor version of its top-of-the-line computer.

Advanced scientific applications and commercial operations such as online financial networks can be handled more efficiently with the new 3033 multiprocessor's higher capacity and increased computing power.

The multiprocessor -- which combines two high-performance 3033 computers -- offers large system users up to twice the information storage and up to 1.8 times the internal operating speed of a single processor.

One processor can support major portions of the system's workload while the other is out of service for testing or maintenance -- enabling users to continue processing crucial or round-the-clock applications.

Further, in off-peak hours when multiprocessing capability is not required, the two processors can function as independent systems, providing additional operating flexibility and improving cost/performance for the user.

System highlights

A 3033 multiprocessor complex includes two 3033 computers and their associated power and cooling units, two operator consoles and a multiprocessor communication unit.

Each processor features up to eight million characters of main information storage and a high-speed buffer memory, which can rapidly transfer data from main storage for processing.

Two groups of six channels - - paths for the transfer of data -- are standard on each processor. An optional group of four channels is available for each - - a total of 16 channels per processor or up to 32 for the multiprocessor system.

Installed single-processor 3033 systems can be upgraded to multiprocessing at the user's location.

Programming support

Multiprocessing operations of the 3033 complex are automatically managed by IBM's Operating System/Virtual Storage 2 Multiple Virtual Storages (OS/VS2 MVS) system control programming.

System/37O Extended Facility, which is supported and used by IBM's MVS/System Extensions Program Product, is standard on the 3033 multiprocessor. This program product offers increased performance by simplifying certain control programming tasks.

Programs that operate on a single 3033 also will run on the multiprocessor's computers when they are functioning as individual systems.

Prices, availability

Under terms of a 48-month contract, a 3033 multiprocessor complex, including two processors with a shared main memory of eight million characters, a multiprocessor communication unit, and two consoles and two power and cooling units can be leased for $154,130 a month. Under the same terms, a complex with the maximum memory capacity of 16 million characters can be leased for $182,130.

These configurations also are available for a monthly rental charge of $169,520 and $200,280 or can be purchased for $7,160,000 and $8,050,000.

First customer shipments of the 3033 multiprocessor are scheduled to begin in the third quarter of 1979.

The 3033 multiprocessor complex was developed at the IBM System Products Division facility in Poughkeepsie, N.Y. and will be manufactured there.