Towards a Smarter Accra

An IBM Report Outlining the Opportunities and Challenges Facing Accra as it Strives to Become a Smarter City

A city is an interconnected system of systems: a dynamic work in progress, with progress as its watchword. A Smarter City is one that accelerates its journey towards sustainable prosperity by making use of new smart solutions and management practices. As one of Africa's fastest urbanizing cities, in one of the world's fastest growing economies, Accra, Ghana has unprecedented opportunity to use transformative technologies as the foundation for future growth and development. From transportation, through water, sanitation, healthcare, energy to city management and public safety – there are multiple urban systems which technology can help to address holistically. This report addresses the main challenges and opportunities facing the city of Accra today, drawing on the views of leaders and experts who have a hand in shaping its future.