Environmental affairs policy

IBM's corporate environmental policy was first issued in 1971 by IBM's Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Thomas J. Watson, Jr., and it has been updated several times since that initial release. The policy is periodically reviewed as a part of IBM's global environmental management system, and all updates are issued and approved by IBM's CEO. IBM's environmental performance is reviewed annually with the Directors & Corporate Governance Committee of the IBM Board of Directors, which is responsible for reviewing and considering the company's position and practices on significant issues of corporate public responsibility, including protection of the environment.

IBM is committed to environmental affairs leadership in all of its business activities. IBM has had long-standing corporate policies of providing a safe and healthful work place, protecting the environment, and conserving energy and natural resources, which were formalized in 1967, 1971 and 1974 respectively. They have served the environment and our business well over the years and provide the foundation for the following corporate policy objectives:

Every employee and every contractor on IBM premises is expected to follow this policy and to report any environmental, health, or safety concern to IBM management. Managers are expected to take prompt action.