IBM receives UN SDG Action Award

May 2019 -- IBM received a United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Action Award in the Connector category from the UN SDG Action Campaign for using IBM Blockchain technology with Plastic Bank to address plastic pollution in the ocean.

Plastic Bank mobilizes recycling entrepreneurs among the world's poorest communities to clean up plastic waste in exchange for digital currency they can use for goods and services. The collected plastic can then become recycled and made available to businesses seeking to use it. IBM Blockchain technology is used to track the entire cycle of recycled plastic from collection, credit and compensation through delivery to companies for reuse. This initiative is transforming people's livelihoods by giving them access to work and a regular source of income while protecting the ocean from plastic pollution.

Andres Rodriguez receives UN SDG Action Award on behalf of IBM

Andres Rodriguez, program manager, IBM Corporate Environmental Affairs, accepts the award from Emilia Saiz, secretary general, United Cities and Local Governments.

The initiative, first piloted in Haiti in 2014, now has 32 operating locations in Haiti and 27 locations in the Philippines, with additional locations being planned to open in Indonesia during 2019. The Philippines and Indonesia are ranked among the top three plastic polluting nations by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and Haiti ranks 168th on the UN Development Program Human Poverty Index. Since 2014, over 2,000 collectors have returned more than 3 million kilograms of plastic waste through this platform.

Through its technology, IBM connects individuals, the private sector, communities, government institutions and nongovernmental organizations to collaborate for a global cause.

For more information, visit the UN SDG Action Campaign website.