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IBM's North Castle, NY, facility receives recognition as an ENERGY STAR® Building

IBM's North Castle, NY, facility receives ENERGY STAR Building Label

31 Oct 2001 -- IBM's facility in North Castle, New York has become the first IBM building in the United States to receive the label as an ENERGY STAR® Building. The ENERGY STAR program, sponsored by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Energy, recognizes buildings whose energy performance places them in the top 25 percent of similar buildings nationwide, while maintaining an indoor environment that conforms to industry standards.

IBM North Castle is a 420,000 square foot building that was constructed in 1964. Over the last three years, it has undergone a phased renovation that more than doubled capacity and upgraded the infrastructure to manage the latest Internet technology. This work was undertaken with energy conservation as an important objective, and the result has benefited both the environment and IBM's financial performance.

The primary projects that improved the energy performance of the building included:

While the lighting retrofit saves 640 megawatt hours of electricity, reduces carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by 370 tons per year, and saves $80,000 in annual energy costs, all other projects helped in improving the energy performance of the building by handling the increased heating, ventilating, and air conditioning load requirements created by a significant growth in population and associated I/T equipment.

The North Castle team isn't "resting on its laurels" with this ENERGY STAR recognition. A boiler upgrade project has recently been completed with the old equipment replaced with low emissions energy efficient boilers. This will result in additional energy conservation, while further reducing CO2 emissions.

ENERGY STAR is a government/industry partnership that encourages businesses and consumers to save money and protect the environment. The ENERGY STAR Buildings criteria and program apply to commercial and K-12 school buildings, and the successful program is being expanded to include supermarkets. Buildings that have received the ENERGY STAR label are entitled to display a bronze plaque that conveys the building's performance excellence to tenants, customers and the general public.