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IBM Launches World's First Desktop PC with 100% Recycled Plastic Resin


Research Triangle Park, NC, March 1, 1999 .... IBM's new IntelliStation E Pro, announced today, is the world's first PC processing unit (1) to use 100 percent recycled resin for all its major plastic parts.

A Windows NT* entry workstation, the new IBM IntelliStation E Pro features Intel's new Pentium** III microprocessor, running at 450MHz and 500MHz, and industry-leading 2D and 3D graphics. The IntelliStation E Pro system unit, which contains three and a half pounds of plastic, was converted from a prime resin to 100 percent recycled plastic at no extra cost. In fact, in converting the eight separate parts of the system unit, including its decorative covers, one of those parts is now 20 percent less expensive to manufacture.

IBM's use of recycled resin in new system production is unmatched in the computer industry and demonstrates IBM's technological leadership in introducing products that satisfy both the customer's requirements for features and price, and are environmentally-conscious. "Integration of recycled plastic into a total product was a goal of IBM's Environmentally Conscious Products program in 1998 to demonstrate the viability of using recycled engineering thermoplastics for business machine applications and to successfully implement design criteria that minimize a product's environmental impact in manufacturing," said Diana Bendz, IBM Endicott senior location executive and director of environmentally conscious products. "The implementation of recycled plastic parts in the IBM IntelliStation E Pro was a collaborative effort involving IBM's global procurement team for mechanical parts, IBM's Engineering Center for Environmentally Conscious Products, and the IBM Personal Systems manufacturing engineering team."

The new production era for IBM's IntelliStation E Pro, characterized by its high recycled content, caps a strong development program by IBM in the qualification of new applications and new recycled resins for IBM products. The program has qualified more than 40 part applications for servers, storage systems and commercial desktop product lines with over half of those parts in full production, earning IBM the Society of Plastics Engineers Recycling Division's 1998 Recycler of the Year Award.

"We expect the IntelliStation E Pro to continue building volume demand for recycled resins from our suppliers that will lead to sustainable sources of commercially available recycled resins for more IBM product lines," Bendz said. "It is the right thing to do in both our industries." The IBM IntelliStation E Pro was originally announced in June 1998. Recycled resin used in the system unit is formulated to IBM specifications by its supplier from both pre- and post- consumer resin sources. The plastic parts are produced for the IntelliStation E Pro in the U.S. and Taiwan.

* Trademark or registered trademark of Microsoft Corp.
** Trademark or registered trademark of Intel Corp.

(1) CPU only. Does not apply to keyboard, mouse or monitor, which are sold separately.


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