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IBM recognized with U.S. EPA's 2001 ENERGY STAR Excellence in Corporate Commitment Award

IBM recognized with U.S. EPA's 2001 ENERGY STAR Excellence in Corporate Commitment Award

21 Mar 2001 -- IBM has received the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's 2001 ENERGY STAR® "Excellence in Corporate Commitment" award. Energy Star awards recognize corporate and governmental trend setters for their exemplary leadership in voluntarily reducing energy use and preventing pollution.

In her keynote address at the award ceremony last evening, EPA Administrator Christine Todd Whitman noted, "Each of tonight's award recipients is helping set the pace for the rest of America's business community. Because of their voluntary efforts to manufacture and sell energy efficient products, save energy in their workplaces, and educate consumers about the benefits of energy efficiency, they are all partners in environmental protection."

This was the first year the EPA has given out the "Excellence in Corporate Commitment" award, and IBM was the sole winner. The award recognizes IBM's overall commitment and contributions to energy conservation and efficiency across the company's operations and the design of its products. The award was accepted by Jon Judge, General Manager, IBM Personal Computing Division and Wayne Balta, IBM Director of Corporate Environmental Affairs. Thirty-three other recipients received awards in five other categories.

The results for which IBM was recognized stem directly from its integrated global commitment and management system which covers the company's technology, its products and its overall business operations. The system includes a centralized corporate energy management program and tracking system that measures energy use and conservation performance at all major locations. IBM's energy commitment also includes the strong support of and participation in numerous voluntary initiatives and partnerships with government and environmental organizations. The company's system and initiatives have produced significant results: Over the past ten years, IBM's internal energy conservation efforts have saved an estimated $529 million dollars while avoiding an estimated 5.67 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions -- benefiting both the environment and IBM's bottom line.

Product design for the environment is a key element of IBM's Environmental management system and IBM is a leader in providing energy efficient office products. IBM offers more than 350 models of Energy Star qualified computers, monitors, and printers. In 2000, IBM successfully met the challenge of delivering Energy Star compliant products, including CRT monitors and desktop/tower style computers, that meet the new energy criteria while satisfying demands for performance, networking capabilities and cost. These offerings extend the company's energy efficiency commitment - and its associated environmental and cost benefits - to its customers. IBM also created a decision-making tool that enables its designers to consider feasible alternatives for increasing the energy efficiencies and reducing the environmental impacts of its products.

IBM displays the ENERGY STAR label prominently in marketing efforts and, through speaking engagements, displays, product literature, user guides and Web sites, promotes ENERGY STAR worldwide. Through these efforts and more, IBM has brought the ENERGY STAR message to millions of people.

ENERGY STAR (link resides outside of was introduced by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in 1992 as a voluntary market-based partnership to reduce air pollution through increased energy efficiency. IBM was a charter member of the program. ENERGY STAR now works with more than 7000 partners to improve the energy efficiency of products, homes, buildings and businesses.