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IBM receives gold band rating in Business in the Community's Environment Index 2006

IBM receives gold band rating in Business in the Community's Environment Index 2006

15 May 2007 -- IBM received a Gold Band rating in Business in the Community's Environment Index 2006, and led its industry sector once again. The Environment Index benchmarks companies against both their sector peers and all companies who have participated in the Index on the basis of their results in five categories including: corporate strategy, integration, environmental management, environmental performance and impact, and assurance and disclosure. Each of these categories is sub-divided into key elements.

The weighting assigned to the climate change section under the category environmental performance and impact increased in 2006 to reflect the growing business importance of the issue. IBM highlighted its goal to achieve average annual CO2 emissions reductions equivalent to 4% of the emissions associated with its annual fuel and electricity use, and its performance against that goal. In 2005, the company achieved a CO2 emissions reduction of 5.5%. IBM's submission also highlighted its goals and performance for waste management. In 2005, IBM's product end-of-life management operations worldwide sent only 1.59% of the products/product waste processed to landfills versus its goal to minimize its product landfill use rate to no more than 3%. In the area of nonhazardous waste recycling, IBM recycled 77% of its nonhazardous waste versus its goal of 67% in 2005.

In 2006, 154 companies participated in the Index. IBM received an overall score of 92.57%. The average overall score achieved by companies participating in the Index was 82%.

For more information about IBM's survey submission to Business in the Community or its Environment Index 2006 rating, contact Steve Bushnell.

To learn more about the Environment Index 2006, visit The Environment Index (link resides outside of Web site.