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IBM tops annual Environment Index for fourth consecutive year

IBM tops annual Environment Index for fourth consecutive year

23 May 2005 -- For the fourth consecutive year, IBM has ranked at the top of the annual Environment Index, first introduced ten years ago by Business in the Environment, part of the independent partnership organization Business in the Community. The Environment Index (formerly known as the BiE Index) is widely recognized as the UK's leading benchmark of corporate environmental engagement.

The Index benchmarks companies and sectors against each other based on environmental management and performance in key impact areas, such as climate change, recycling and waste management obtained through a survey. This year's survey also included a closer look at supply chains, the impact of energy use, transport, and production processes. The 178 companies that took part in the voluntary survey and evaluation achieved an overall average score of 79 percent. There were 20 companies, including IBM, whose score of over 95 percent placed them in the Premier League. IBM achieved 100 percent scores throughout the survey and also took the top slot in the IT sector.

The company's outstanding performance in the annual Environment Index covers the IBM Corporation as a whole, not just IBM UK, confirming IBM's industry-leading practices worldwide. "Gaining a 100 percent score in every area is a great achievement for the company," said Steve Bushnell, EMEA North Region Environmental Affairs Manager. "It's also confirmation that we can demonstrate continual improvement in the key impact areas."

Each company's environmental performance was measured on mandatory areas and one self-selected area. In IBM's case, this was Product Stewardship, which promotes a cradle to grave approach to the design, use and end-of-life management of hardware. The company achieved 100 percent in this area, compared to 87 percent for the IT sector and 78 percent for all participants.

Visit the Business in the Community Environment Web site (link resides outside of for the executive summary of the 2004 Environment Index and ranking of all 178 companies that participated.

Contact Steve Bushnell for a copy of IBM's Feedback Report.