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IBM recognizes top five innovative environmental solutions for 2009

Water quality, traffic control, energy efficiency

9 Nov 2009 -- IBM has selected five internally developed solutions that significantly improve energy efficiency or reduce environmental impact for recognition under its new Corporate Environmental Innovation program.

IBM introduced the program earlier this year to highlight the best solutions developed by its employees that address energy and environmental challenges for the company and its clients. The goal is to stimulate and encourage leadership by IBM employees in the areas of energy and the environment.

"Part of IBM's credo is 'innovation that matters, for our company and for the world,' and that value is especially relevant to protecting the environment," said Wayne Balta, IBM Vice President of Corporate Environmental Affairs and Product Safety. "The five innovations we've selected exemplify the very best of this belief in action, and we hope that they will inspire other employees to apply their talents and ingenuity to these and other environmental challenges."

For 2009, the five solutions are:

-- SmartBay Galway: Marine and Coastal Environmental Monitoring, Protection, and Management -- this system provides real-time environmental monitoring of water quality, wave conditions, and weather for Galway Bay, Ireland. It monitors for marine and coastal research, commercial fishing, fish and shellfish farming, flood condition monitoring, wave energy research and development, advanced sensor development, and beach health conditions;

-- Stockholm Congestion Pricing Solution -- this intelligent transportation solution directly charges drivers who use city center roads during peak business hours, reducing traffic in Stockholm, Sweden, by 18 percent and helping to increase the proportion of "green", tax-exempt vehicles to 9 percent. The reduction in traffic has lowered vehicular emissions by 8-14 percent and greenhouse gas emissions by 40 percent in the inner city;

-- Measurement and Management Technology -- a solution that provides real-time measurement and analysis of temperatures and humidity within datacenters to optimize cooling and reduce energy consumption, improving energy efficiency by 10 percent or more. MMT technology is now being used in more than 60 datacenters;

-- iDataPlexTM Server -- the most power efficient high-volume server in the world, using up to 40 percent less electric power overall compared to comparable servers. The IBM patented design reduces air flow restrictions and allows two servers to share one fan cooling system and high efficiency power supply, reducing cooling system energy use by 66 percent;

-- IBM Systems Director Active Energy ManagerTM (AEM) -- a software solution that helps identify efficient and inefficient use of energy in data centers, and simplifies equipment level power management. AEM allows control of processor level energy states and capping of server power use, provides power and thermal trending of servers, and integrates IT and infrastructure energy management in data centers. This solution can reduce system administration and energy costs in a typical data center by nearly 30 percent.

The Corporate Environmental Innovation Program will recognize up to five solutions each year. Nominated solutions are judged by a diverse team of environmental, technical, and business experts from within IBM.

*Based on SPECpower benchmark tests against other industry-standard one-unit rack servers.