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IBM's Thomas J. Watson Research Center and eServer Development receive 2001 Chairman's Environmental Affairs Citation

IBM's Thomas J. Watson Research Center and eServer Development receive 2001 Chairman's Environmental Affairs Citation

10 Jan 2002 -- Chairman and CEO Louis V. Gerstner, Jr. has announced that IBM's Thomas J. Watson Research Center in Yorktown Heights, New York and its Server Group eServer Development organization will receive the 2001 Chairman's Environmental Affairs Citation. The Watson Research Center will receive the award in the competition among Light Manufacturing, Assembly, R&D and Distribution sites and the eServer Product Development organization will receive the award in the competition among Technology and Product organizations.

The Watson Research Center has achieved excellent health and safety results and displayed outstanding leadership in pursuing and obtaining Star status in OSHA's Voluntary Protection Program. The Center has a strong community outreach program and is active in local environmental efforts. Watson's nonhazardous waste recycling program has achieved an average 71.8 percent recycling rate over the last three years and its significant emphasis on water conservation has reduced its water consumption by 14 percent. Watson has developed software solutions to help solve environmental problems around the world, from programs to reduce pesticide use and better protect environmentally sensitive lands during petroleum exploration to scientific computing for ocean and atmospheric modelling. In addition, a number of its technological innovations, such as Silicon-on-Insulator, are making IBM's products more eco-efficient, improving their performance while requiring less energy or other resources. Watson maintains a strong focus on continual improvement and in 2000, it became the first IBM Research location to earn registration to the ISO 14001 Environmental management system standard.

IBM Server Group eServer Development has implemented a strong, comprehensive environmentally conscious products program across all of its product lines, and the results have made impressive contributions to IBM's environmental record. eServer products help conserve resources by using recycled plastics where feasible and by focusing on upgradeability, reuse and recyclability at product end-of-life. In addition, the ever-increasing energy efficiency of eServer products is helping IBM's customers save energy and money while being responsive to concerns about climate change. Moreover, the eServer Development organization has done an outstanding job of highlighting and communicating the environmental attributes of IBM's server products. This has garnered positive external recognition for their achievements and favorable differentiation in the marketplace. One example is that the eServer z900 recently became the first computer server to earn recognition for energy efficiency from the U.S. EPA's ENERGY STAR program.

The large number of nominees competing for the Citation this year represented a broad spectrum of IBM's operations and the company is proud of the outstanding environmental leadership demonstrated by all the sites and organizations that participated in the program.

IBM established the Chairman's Environmental Affairs Citation program in 1991 to encourage leadership and recognize achievement and progress in environmental affairs. Recipients are selected based upon the leadership, comprehensiveness, progress and results of their environmental, energy and safety programs within the framework of IBM's corporate policy on environmental affairs. Performance against these criteria is evaluated against each nominee's opportunity to contribute given its operation and mission.