IBM Systems receives 2021 IBM Chairman's Environmental Award

08 Jul 2021 -- IBM Chairman and CEO, Arvind Krishna, announced that IBM Systems is the recipient of the 2021 IBM Chairman's Environmental Award. IBM established this program in 1991 to encourage leadership and recognize achievement in environmental affairs by IBM's business units.

Business organizations provide information on their three most significant environmental accomplishments over the past three years. Accomplishments may be related to any of the elements of IBM's corporate environmental policy.

2021 IBM Chairman's Environmental Award

IBM Systems provides clients with innovative infrastructure platforms to help meet the new requirements of hybrid multi-cloud and enterprise AI workloads. They also design advanced semiconductor and systems technology in collaboration with IBM Research, primarily for use in our systems. Following are highlights of their three significant accomplishments:

  • Energy improvements in IBM z15™

    IBM's next-generation mainframe enterprise platform, the IBM z15, uses 20-30 percent less power than a comparably configured IBM z14®, and improves computing power delivered for each kilowatt-hour of electricity consumed by 31 percent.

  • Packaging innovations

    A new "Hybrid Pallet," which replaces the top deck of a wooden pallet with lightweight paper materials, saves a million dollars in transportation costs and more than 1,400 metric tons of CO2 emissions per year.

  • Materials advancements

    New post-consumer recycled resins introduced within IBM Power® systems and IBM Z® eliminated the use of more than five thousand pounds of petroleum-based materials.

    A reclamation process for backup battery units used in many IBM storage systems achieves significant cost savings and prevents 130 metric tons of waste per year.

The IBM Chairman's Environmental Award recipients are selected based on their degree of environmental leadership, initiative and results. Performance is evaluated against each nominee's opportunity to contribute given its mission and operations. While only one business unit is selected each year to receive the IBM Chairman's Environmental Award, the contributions of each nominated unit collectively highlight IBM's worldwide efforts to demonstrate environmental leadership in all of its business activities.