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IBM Systems and Technology Group receives 2007 Chairman's Environmental Award

2007 IBM Chairman's Environmental Award recipient

22 Apr 2008 -- From Project Big Green to the Cool BlueTM portfolio, IBM's Systems and Technology Group (STG) has been a leader in developing innovative technologies and products to reduce energy use for clients and for IBM. These cool solutions helped STG stand out and on April 17, Samuel J. Palmisano presented the 2007 Chairman's Environmental Award to STG in recognition of those efforts. Similar to the 2006 award program, the award for 2007 focused on energy conservation and energy efficiency across IBM's operations, products and services. IBM established this internal recognition program in 1991 to encourage leadership and recognize achievement and progress in environmental affairs on the part of IBM's organizations.

STG designs, manufactures and markets IT hardware and components for IBM and the OEM market, in addition to providing technology solutions. The organization has demonstrated outstanding innovation that is enabling IBM's leadership in energy efficient products and data centers, effective collaboration for energy efficient solutions and significant energy conservation in its own operations.

STG is optimizing energy power consumption, power management and cooling in IBM products. By introducing new server designs that include the POWER6TM microprocessor, STG shifted the focus of server design from pure performance to performance per watt. The POWER6 chip supports advanced, dynamic power management solutions for managing the central processing unit (CPU), as well as the entire server, with twice the performance and virtually no increase in energy consumption.

The Cool Blue portfolio of technology innovations includes the Active Energy Management tool and Rear Door Heat eXchanger. The Active Energy Management tool, which is available across all of STG's data center products, enables IBM clients to monitor power consumption and corresponding thermal loading of BladeCenter® servers to allow better utilization of available power resources. The Rear Door Heat eXchanger is an innovative water-cooling technology that can reduce server heat emissions by up to 55 percent. This cooling door can be deployed on any server.

IBM's Project Big Green solution for increasing data center energy efficiency is just one example of STG's exemplary internal collaboration. Working with Research, Global Technology Services and other IBM organizations, STG made a significant contribution to the success of this major IBM initiative. STG also recently launched a Lab Services group that will work in partnership with many IBM organizations to assist clients in reducing energy use in their data centers while enabling growth in IT capability.

While collaborating with others on client solutions, STG has not lost sight of its own operations. In the three years covered by the 2007 award, STG's strong focus on energy efficiency in its operations has enabled it to exceed IBM's 4 percent annual energy conservation goal. In addition, STG's innovative initiative for recycling spent wafers for use in solar panels has garnered significant press coverage and awards. STG's phase-change cooling solution, which allows energy recovery and storage, was incorporated as a client offering and also received external recognition.

STG's leadership has helped IBM and its clients become more energy efficient and protect the climate.

Chairman's Environmental Award recipients are selected based on their degree of leadership, results, innovation and integration with regard to their programs and initiatives in the areas of energy conservation and energy efficiency. Performance against these criteria was evaluated against each nominee's opportunity to contribute given its mission and operations. The company is proud of the outstanding contributions all of the nominees have made toward IBM's energy conservation and energy efficiency objectives.