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IBM Global Asset Recovery Services receives the 2005 Chairman's Environmental Award

IBM Global Asset Recovery Services receives the 2005 Chairman's Environmental Award

06 Dec 2005 -- IBM Chairman Samuel J. Palmisano has announced that IBM's Global Asset Recovery Services (GARS) organization will receive the 2005 Chairman's Environmental Award in the competition among IBM's Systems & Technology, Research, Software, Services and Supply Chain organizations.

GARS has demonstrated significant environmental leadership as it expanded its mission, programs and capabilities over the past three years. It established its Asset Recovery Solutions offering for external non-IBM Global Financing customers and expanded it to 21 countries around the world. Its programs extend the useful life of products and parts, increase product recycling and provide an environmentally responsible solution for end-of-life products. Its many new programs include the Private Trading Exchange, an on-line sales tool showcasing GARS parts and machines for business partners, brokers and large enterprises, and the 'build from used' program for zSeries hybrids. GARS has also developed a number of tools for the effective, safe disassembly or impairment of products and established a comprehensive audit and assessment process to ensure IBM uses environmentally responsible product recycling and disposal suppliers.

The GARS programs have achieved stellar results. Through its parts reutilization process and by working closely with the Brands, Integrated Technology Services and Integrated Supply Chain, GARS has reused the equivalent of over 5.3 million parts since 2002. Over 1.88 million returned or end-of-life machines (PCs, server, storage and other products) have been reused since GARS began collecting data by product type in 2003. In the "build from used" process, over 728 zSeries hybrids have been built from used machines since 2002. With the strong support of the Global Logistics product end-of-life management network, product recycling rates, including resale and reuse, were 96.1 percent in 2002 and 97.8 percent in both 2003 and 2004. Through its metrics quantifying performance across the breadth of its programs, GARS has demonstrated that IBM recovers and reuses or recycles more equipment than any other IT company. GARS has also been active in sharing its expertise to raise awareness of the importance of product recycling and to improve product recycling.

In short, GARS' initiatives, programs, expertise and results have enabled IBM to become the recognized leader in IT product recovery and recycling, while providing significant environmental benefits as well as substantial financial benefit to IBM.

A broad cross-section of IBM's organizations participated in the competition for this year's award and the company is proud of the outstanding contributions all the nominees have made toward IBM's environmental leadership and objectives.

IBM established this recognition program in 1991 to encourage leadership and recognize achievement and progress in environmental affairs on the part of IBM's organizations. Recipients are selected based upon the degree of leadership, comprehensiveness, progress and results of their environmental, energy and safety programs within the framework of IBM's corporate policy on environmental affairs. Performance against these criteria is evaluated against each nominee's opportunity to contribute given its operations and mission.