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IBM makes first annual list of the Metro NY-NJ-CT Region's Best Workplaces for CommutersSM

IBM makes first annual list of the U.S. EPA's Top 20 Best Workplaces for Commuters from the FORTUNE 500 Companies

11 Jun 2004 -- IBM has made the first annual list of the Metro NY-NJ-CT Region's Best Workplaces for CommutersSM, a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recognition program which spotlights employers that have made a commitment to providing commuter benefits packages that help reduce traffic and air pollution and improve the quality of life for commuters. Five IBM locations were recognized including Armonk, North Castle, Somers,1133 Westchester Avenue and the Thomas J. Watson Research Center.

Commuter information kiosks, transportation coordinators, mobility stations, full service cafeterias, ATM machines, car rental services (pick-up/drop-off), credit union drop boxes, Guaranteed Ride Home, telework options, and ridematching with MetroPool support are some of the programs and services IBM provides to its employees at these locations to help them reduce their commutes.

"NY-NJ-CT metro area commuters have the longest commute in the nation, according to the U.S. Census Bureau," said Jane Kenny, Director, U.S. EPA Region 2. "They are spending almost 80 minutes a day, or nearly a full week every year getting to work. We are delighted that so many of the region’s companies have stepped up to make the ride to work less stressful for their commuters. These companies are helping reduce congestion and improve air quality in the NY-NJ-CT region."

According to the U.S. EPA's Best Workplaces for Commuters Web site, organizations that offer employees choices about how they get to work report improved employee recruiting, job satisfaction, and retention. They can also save on taxes (since they pay no federal income taxes or payroll taxes on these benefits), and enhance their corporate image and community relations. A recent study showed that nearly 50 percent of workers describe their commutes as unsatisfying or stressful.

For more information regarding NY-NJ-CT Best Workplaces for Commuters, visit the Best Workplaces for Commuters Web site (link resides outside of