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IBM receives Vermont Governor's Award for Excellence in Pollution Prevention

IBM receives Vermont Governor's Award for Excellence in Pollution Prevention

13 Dec 2004 -- IBM has received a Vermont Governor's Award for Excellence in Pollution Prevention, marking the eleventh year in a row the company has been honored for its environmental programs by the State of Vermont.

This year's award recognizes the company's accomplishment in chemical reduction for a manufacturing process step that involves cleaning and etching the silicon wafers that are eventually cut into individual chips. IBM's process, environmental and facilities engineers collaborated to redesign equipment, improve the process and reduce waste generation. Their effort resulted in lower chemical use by approximately 4,250 pounds per year, and a reduction in hazardous waste of approximately 48,000 pounds per year.

"Our objective is to continuously improve our environmental management system," said Jay Dietrich, manager of the site's chemical, environmental and utility systems. "We have teams who develop innovative ways to reduce chemical use by elimination where possible, and by using less hazardous materials when suitable replacements are available."

The project has resulted in significant cost savings and improved process stability in a critical semiconductor manufacturing process step, while also creating environmental, health and safety benefits that extend beyond IBM to the worldwide semiconductor industry.

"Once again, IBM displays through its actions its firm commitment to achieving environmental excellence on an ongoing basis," said Doug Kievit-Kylar, pollution prevention planner with the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources at the award ceremony on December 2. "This is the eleventh year now that IBM has been recognized for its contributions to a vibrant economy and an environment we can all live with."

The Vermont Governor's Awards for Environmental Excellence & Pollution Prevention honor the foresight and actions taken by Vermonters who contributed to the protection of Vermont's environment, the safety of its citizens, and the health of its economy. IBM was one of 16 award recipients, which included entrepreneurs, individual citizens, organizations and public institutions.