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IBM Italy lauded at 'Meeting Ambiente 21'

IBM Italy lauded at 'Meeting Ambiente 21'

28 Mar 2000 -- The first ever "Meeting Ambiente 21" was recently held in Italy. The topic of this major trade show and a scientific-cultural event was the policies, enterprises and jobs for the 21st century, and it included a focus on environmentally conscious products. At the event, IBM was recognized for its eco-efficient products including the AS/400, RS/6000 and IntelliStation E Pro.

Attended by more than 5,000 visitors, the event in Milan featured 158 exhibitors -- 100 of whom competed for the Eco-Efficient Company 2000 Award. In that award's Eco-Compatible Products category, IBM received the Mention of Merit. Judging the award was the head of the Politecnico University of Milan, the managing director of Il Sole 24 ore (a financial newspaper), and public authorities in charge of environmental matters. Referee members included the chief of Ambiente Italia (an environmental research institute), and environmental sciences professors.

The award is significant because it recognizes IBM as a global leader in designing and producing environmentally conscious products recognized worldwide. The award certificate, translated, said: "Having introduced a range of innovations in their own products, the IBM company optimizes many environmental performance issues such as energy consumption, use of renewable material, and minimized waste. Such innovations place IBM in a leadership position in the production of computers with high environmental performance."

Said Maurilio Manzoni, IBM Italy Environmental Programs Manager: "This award is very important because it recognizes not a specific product, but our entire efforts on a worldwide basis. It's formal recognition of IBM's environmental leadership achieved outside the U.S."