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Second generation climate goal

IBM has been tracking its energy consumption since 1973, and has had a number of energy conservation goals over the years and a previous CO2 emissions reduction goal. IBM's current CO2 emissions reduction goal is its second generation goal. The goal:

As of year-end 2011, the company's energy conservation results and procurement of renewable energy resulted in a 16 percent reduction in IBM's energy-related CO2 emissions from the 2005 base year of this goal. Operational CO2 emissions increased slightly from 2010 to 2011 primarily due to the decrease in renewable electricity purchases and associated 12.9 percent decrease in avoided CO2 emissions.

IBM's CO2 emissions reductions have been achieved through the actions outlined below. In addition, improvements in the CO2 emissions profile of the electricity that IBM purchased also had a favorable, albeit limited, impact on the company's performance.