IBM has been producing reports on its environmental programs and performance for many years and in a number of ways.

Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Report

IBM reports on its environmental programs and performance in its Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Report, which it has published since 2007. The company also has participated in OneReport since 2006, for the 2005 reporting year. OneReport consolidates data requests from leading research and rating agencies and consolidates them with the information requested in the GRI framework. Responding to the OneReport survey questions enables companies to simultaneously report to multiple organizations and produce a report in accordance with the GRI. For our latest GRI Report, please see the Reports page.

Corporate Responsibility Reports

The company's environmental stewardship also was incorporated into IBM's Corporate Responsibility Report for 2002, the first year of this report, as well as in its subsequent annual reports. A companion document to the company's financial annual report, the Corporate Responsibility Report provides an integrated overview of the economic, environmental and social dimensions of IBM's business activities, products and services. Environmental stewardship information may be found in the Environment section of the Corporate Responsibility Report.