Disaster recovery options


Business interruptions and operational failures: The costs might be higher than you think

Every business leader knows that recovering from floods, fires and other major disasters is expensive. The lesser known truth: more frequent disruptions—such as hardware failures, security breaches and routine power outages—can cost organisations as much or more in both financial loss and reputational harm.

In today’s ‘always-on’ global business environment, organisation leaders need the fastest possible failover and failback of their critical business applications to guard against ‘disasters’ of all shapes and sizes.

The real cost of IT disruptions

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    What can you afford to lose?

    Up to 9+ hours restore time

    According to a recent study by the Aberdeen Group, organisations without robust recovery systems in place can expect to experience more than four business disruptions each year, with recovery times ranging from one hour to more than nine hours. At an average cost of SGD230,000 per hour, that price is simply too high for most businesses.

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    What is your brand worth?

    The true price of reputational harm

    Disasters and disruptions can take a significant toll on a company’s bottom line. But they can take an even greater toll on a company’s reputation. A quick scan of the local news reports illustrate what official studies have proven—disruptions can do irreparable harm to an organisation’s brand, especially in the online marketplace where opinions are widely shared through social media. When companies suffer data breaches, system failures or data losses, their recovery time might measure in minutes or hours; but restoring customer trust may take weeks or months—or be completely out of reach.
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