Disaster recovery options

How do cloud-based disaster recovery solutions compare with traditional off-site disaster recovery solutions?


Cloud-based recovery solutions

Cloud-based disaster recovery solutions can reduce the complexity of recovery. The service provider owns the hardware required, so organisations no longer need to pay for hardware that sits idle. Because they don’t require infrastructure purchases or in-house specialised recovery knowledge, cloud-based solutions enable small and midsize businesses to achieve the same recovery times, recovery points and security levels as large enterprises.

Cloud-based disaster recovery solutions can:


Traditional off-site recovery solutions

Some organisations expect a traditional solution to offer them the greatest operational control and the most economic value. But traditional off-site disaster recovery can harbour hidden costs: expensive hardware sits idle when not being used for recovery; worse, it may be ‘borrowed’ for other purposes, rendering it unavailable when disaster strikes. After a disruption, the hardware, operating systems, data and applications at the recovery site must be configured from the ground up to match the organisation’s IT site—a process that can take days.

Traditional off-site disaster recovery solutions:


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