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The facts tell the story

Managed cloud disaster recovery solutions can yield enormous cost savings


In a report sponsored by IBM, International Data Corporation (IDC) found that companies gained significant and quantifiable benefits from managed services.* Research shows the capital and cost savings gained by using a managed service can continue to grow over time.

224% return on investment in 3 years

Payback in 5-½ months

20% - 25%
IT infrastructure cost reduction

Data centre footprint reduced
by as much as 600 - 2,000 sq. ft.
Approximate savings = SGD316,000*

Fewer software licenses needed
Approximate savings = SGD316,000*

86% - 88% reduction in downtime

Delivered greater stability in business operations and increased end-user productivity

200 - 500
person hours saved per year

Increased revenue for some companies by hundreds of thousands of dollars because of improved business productivity provided by an agile platform

*IDC white paper, “Business Value of Managed Services,” June 2013.
SGD amounts are estimated conversions from USD at the time of publication.

A side-by-side comparison

Managed service disaster recovery versus
‘do-it-yourself’ makes a compelling argument

Managed service

IBM SmartCloud® Virtualized Server Recovery


Disaster recovery

Reduced up-front capital expenditure;
predictable monthly costs

Large up-front cost, ongoing investment and hidden costs

Reduced skilled workforce

Dedicated skilled staff

Facility space savings

Data centre space required;

estimated costs: SGD60 - 150 per sq. ft. and SGD0.2595 per kWh (Note: These figures are accurate as of time of publication)

State-of-the-art testing

‘Do-it-yourself’ testing

Not affected by power outages

Downtime during local power outages

Scalable—easily expands to add services, as needed

Substantial time and money to upgrade

Supported by robust IBM methods to know risk exposure, gaps in business continuity plans, steps to resiliency

No support beyond internal experience and the need for ongoing training for the right skilled personnel

Approximate cost:

Starting from


per virtual machine (VM) per month

Entry-level pricing is based on a minimum of 5 VMs for a period of 3 years

Approximate cost:


plus ongoing expenses

Based on comparable hardware pricing at time of publication

All service providers are not created equal

IBM can turn risks into rewards with managed service solutions

Achieving an average ROI of more than 200%, our clients benefit from a full array of management tools and processes, as part of a governance model on programme and project management that ensures effective operational management. IBM managed services provide the breadth of skills and capabilities needed to free-up a company’s resources to focus on business priorities.


A managed cloud disaster recovery solution from IBM:

Ensures robust security

Helps you calculate ROI and ensure effective return

Supports your organisation’s ability to maintain control

Leverages the right skills at the right time


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SmartCloud Virtualized Service Recovery,
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