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IBM SmartCloud Virtualized Server Recovery

IBM SmartCloud® Virtualized Server Recovery is a secure, fully managed disaster recovery solution that incorporates IBM’s world-class cloud infrastructure.

The solution offers multiple business benefits to increase resiliency and help reduce the damage that IT disruptions can inflict on your company’s reputation and bottom line, including:


Dramatically reduced downtime
Achieve quick provisioning and short failover time with dedicated virtualised servers to reduce RTO.


Reduce errors and risk of data loss that can occur when recovering from unlike (heterogeneous) hardware.


Cost flexibility
Leverage IBM’s ready-to-go managed services to avoid the investment and time needed to build, operate and manage a resiliency solution.


Start with IBM SmartCloud Virtualized Server Recovery, then work with IBM to structure comprehensive resiliency and recovery strategies for your IT infrastructure needs.

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Real-world success with IBM

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    IBM solution helps food wholesaler reduce downtime by at least 50 percent

    A wholesale distributor in Asia Pacific was rapidly expanding its business and becoming increasingly more reliant on the quick recovery of its systems. It needed a disaster recovery solution that could reduce recovery time, as well as offer recovery services for its non-IBM systems.
    IBM SmartCloud Virtualized Server Recovery helped this client improve its disaster recovery plan. The solution not only supported multiple server types, but, more important, helped the company cut its server recovery time by more than half—from 48 hours to 24 hours or less.

  • thumb-business-continuity.png

    IBM helps bank ensure business continuity affordably

    A bank in Asia needed a disaster recovery solution that could be implemented on a limited budget, yet provide comprehensive backup for its core banking applications. Bank officials also required a low recovery point objective (RPO) and low recovery time objective (RTO).
    IBM SmartCloud Virtualized Server Recovery managed service solution helped the bank ensure business continuity with minimal investment cost and reduced total cost of ownership. The result: the bank was able to simplify its failover process and disaster recovery drills to maintain optimal system performance. The bank also achieved a low RPO and RTO—all within budget.

Why IBM?

IBM has the experience and expertise needed to help you implement the disaster recovery solution that fits best with your company’s business needs and budget. We offer:

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