What is the IBM Client Center Paris?

Welcome to the IBM Client Center Paris. Watch the video

What is the IBM Client Center Paris?

Welcome to the IBM Client Center Paris. Watch the video

Thousands of forward-thinking businesses are engaging with the IBM Client Center Paris in Bois-Colombes each year learning how their business can stay competitive by embracing the latest technologies in Analytics, Cloud Computing, Blockchain, IBM Watson, Artificial Intelligence and of course much more.

In addition to business meetings on site, the IBM Client Center Paris being part of an extended network of IBM Client Centers offers many digital offerings in the web, social media and the IBM Virtual Client Center to enhance the experience and always, with your business in mind.

For further information, please see below.
We look forward to welcoming you to IBM Client Center Paris.


The Cognitive Photobooth

The exhibit features a "cognitive photobooth" that puts Watson in the hands of individual attendees. Based on responses to a series of questions, Watson creates a personal portrait with the APIs used to create the gallery portraits.

Scarlett: The interactive booth

A new interactive booth for customers, Business Partners and IBMers. Discover a memorable client experience with Scarlett.

Quickly and simply to find your way in IBM France, discover the offers of IBM France: News, references, solutions, quiz, and the IBMccptv channel.

100% Powered by IBM: IBM Client Center, IBM Studios, IBM IX INTERACTIVE with Watson Content Hub tool.

IBM Client Centers Discovery Program

IBM Client Centers Discovery Program

Bringing IBM expertise (Blockchain, Internet of Things, Watson and others) directly to you.

A series of webinars, hosted in the IBM Virtual Client Center Auditorium, where you will discover how to leverage the Subject Matter Expertise in this unique network of IBM Client Centers. To register for a webinar, please click on the relevant link below. After the launch date, webinars are available on demand.

On Demand Webinars

IBM Virtual Client Center

The IBM Client Center Network on the Digital world

In much the same way as our physical client centers, which are spread around the world, bring IBM's expertise and showcase it in front of visitors, the same applies in the digital world. An IBM Virtual Client Center has as its principal role, the bringing of IBM's expertise in a digital environment

As IBM has already invested up-front in the design of the IBM Virtual Client Center, anyone including clients and partners can take advantage of the full access to the virtual center including running their own webinars, without having to incur substantial initial set-up costs.

Access a World of Knowledge

Visit our IBM Client Centers by clicking on the listed country names.






GISC Nice-Paris




Boeblingen (IBM Germany R&D)






Russian Federation



THINKLab (Research - Zurich)



United Kingdom

Rooms & Facilities

All our rooms are equipped with projectors, audio systems, and flip charts – additional technical & audio/visual setup options are available on demand.

Coeur de Verre

The Coeur de Verre is at the heart of the IBM Client Center Paris and can host approximately 300 people. With a view of the gardens, this area is ideal for event breakout areas, informal lunches, and cocktails. Numerous seating areas are available throughout the Coeur de Verre.


Longchamp is 79m² conference room that can seat 28 people with a boardroom configuration. This room is equipped with 12 microphones, a large video screen and four additional plasma screens around the room.


Convention is a 40m² conference room which seats 16 people around an oval table. An additional four chairs are located at the back of the room. This room has a pleasant view of the gardens.


The Vendôme conference room seats 12 people and includes a giant touch screen, integrated videoconference system and video recording.


Concorde is the largest conference room and can host up to 60 people. Set up in a theater-style layout, this room measures 81m².


The IBM Client Center Paris is equipped with two auditoriums located on the -1 garden level. The Blaise Pascal auditorium can seat 136 people and the René Descartes auditorium can seat up to 360 people. Both auditoriums are equipped with microphones, videoconference systems and recording.

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