What is IBM Global Industry Solution Center Nice-Paris ?

What is IBM Global Industry Solution Center Nice-Paris ?

The Global Industry Solution Center (GISC) is a business executive center that brings to life the opportunities for your business and lets you experience the benefit of addressing them using solutions available today. With the Global Industry Solution Center experts specialized by industry, you explore best practices of industry transformation.

In addition to business meetings on site, the IBM Global Industry Solution Center Nice-Paris, part of an extended network of IBM Client Centers offers many digital offerings in the web, social media and the IBM Virtual Client Center to enhance the experience and always, with your business in mind.

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Industry Transformation

Advances in technology are fueling continuous industry transformations and ushering in an new era of disruption.
IBM Global Industry Solution Center provides in depth immersive experiences, to exchange with experts on how cognitive, blockchain and cloud are transforming industries such as : finance, retail, industrial, healthcare and energy.

AI for business

In a world where computers learn, understand language and actively assist humans in all aspects of cognition, we are seeing huge opportunities to disrupt industries and open new markets. At the Global Industry Solution Center you can discover how IBM Watson and Augmented Intelligence are deeply transforming the way that industries and professions work, interact and think.

IBM Cloud

In a world flush with data, cloud technologies will provide you opportunities to create a smarter business.
The Global Industry Solution Center solutions are taking full benefit of IBM Cloud capabilities.
You will be able to establish a cloud strategy to adopt, transform, and deliver value, then turn it into a roadmap you can follow.

IBM Client Centers Discovery Program

IBM Client Centers Discovery Program

Bringing IBM expertise (Blockchain, Internet of Things, Watson and others) directly to you.

A series of webinars, hosted in the IBM Virtual Client Center Auditorium, where you will discover how to leverage the Subject Matter Expertise in this unique network of IBM Client Centers. To register for a webinar, please click on the relevant link below. After the launch date, webinars are available on demand.

On Demand Webinars

IBM Virtual Client Center

The IBM Client Center Network on the Digital world

In much the same way as our physical client centers, which are spread around the world, bring IBM's expertise and showcase it in front of visitors, the same applies in the digital world. An IBM Virtual Client Center has as its principal role, the bringing of IBM's expertise in a digital environment

As IBM has already invested up-front in the design of the IBM Virtual Client Center, anyone including clients and partners can take advantage of the full access to the virtual center including running their own webinars, without having to incur substantial initial set-up costs.

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