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Learn more about about current technologies, client references and research projects and explore the innovative live solutions of IBM and Business Partners.

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Our Solutions

Learn more about about current technologies, client references and research projects and explore the innovative live solutions of IBM and Business Partners.

Our Business Partners

IBM Digital Sales Centre

Nowadays, 92% of all buying decisions are influenced by digital engagement and about 70% of the buyer journey is already finished before the client ever gets in contact with a sales representative.

How does a large company like IBM meet these challenges that come with the digital transformation? In Ehningen, a new Digital Sales Centre was opened in June 2016. It is the forth Centre that was set up in Europe, besides Dublin, Copenhagen and Bratislava.

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    Take a tour through the new Digital Sales Centre in Ehningen and get insights into the new world of digital selling and digital customer management. Meet the experts to learn and discuss about innovative tools and techniques that can help you with a more efficient customer approach.

    IBM Digital Sales is a specialized distribution channel that addresses selected and specific customer segments and their requirements by using digital media. The usage of innovative tools results in higher market penetration and broader market coverage and lets Digital Sales reach a large number of clients in less time.

IBM Innovation Center (IIC)

Collaborate to turn your idea into profitable business

At the IBM Innovation Center Ehningen you can create solutions on top of a growth platform based on industry standards to reduce cost and speed time to market.

This is a place for collaboration. No matter where you are located in the world you can connect to a vast network. Each and one of our global centers offer local support for marketing as well as business and technology consultation.

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    Use IBM Innovation Center to:

    • Explore new technologies
    • Never stop testing your innovation
    • Create a market need for your solution
    • Collaborate with experienced professionals and new talents
    • Local access to global resources

IBM Technical Exploration Center (TEC)

Test, demonstrate and explore IBM Software

The main purpose of the IBM Technical Exploration Center is to help you benefit from using IBM technology. How can innovation from IBM meet your needs and boost your sales process? Interact with IBM experts, test and develop new ideas and, above all, present best practices to your clients and prospects.

We offer a secure environment where you can unleash the potential in your own innovation. Test it, demonstrate it to see the reaction, change what needs to be changed and develop a secure and business oriented solution.

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    We know by experience that many clients want to see and try out a product or service before buying it, and we often use the IBM Technical Exploration Center to enhance their trust for IBM as a guarantor for innovation that makes a difference.

    Choose from a variety of events at IBM Technical Exploration Center depending on what phase of the decision process you and your clients are in.

    At the IBM Technical Exploration Center we offer:

    • Exploration of Technology (EoT)
    • Proof of Concept (PoC)
    • Proof of Technology (PoT)

MobileFirst for iOS Apps

These IBM MobileFirst for iOS apps, specifically developed for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch propose new working methods to various industries. With Passenger+ and Passenger Care we present two apps for the “Travel and Transportation” Industry.


IBM has been the Official Technology Partner of Wimbledon since 1990. Making use of its latest technology advancements in cloud, analytics mobile, social and security, IBM and Wimbledon will bring tennis fans closer to the prestigious Grand Slam event - no matter where they are located - with unparalleled access to real-time live scoring, courtside action and insights, via a radical redevelopment and redesign of wimbledon.com and advancement of the mobile apps experience.

See scores, statistics and analysis of matches come to life with IBM Slamtracker. Aces, serve speed, winners and other key statistics are rendered in real time, giving an immediate, accurate visual sense of a match in progress.

IBM Connections at Princess Cruises, Reiff, Reno and Vaude

We illustrate how clients like Princess Cruises, Reiff, Reno and Vaude move to the future applying IBM technologies. By using IBM Connections they increased the exchange of information and transparency in their companies, built network of colleagues and subject matter experts and worked collaboratively on projects.

Build with Watson

Cognitive-based systems such as IBM Watson can change the way businesses think, act and work in the future. These computers are able to discover insights and connections from data and draw conclusions. Over time, cognitive systems will simulate even more closely how the brain actually works. In doing so, they could help us solve the world’s most complex problems by penetrating the complexity of big data and exploiting the power of natural language processing and machine learning.

Watson is currently powered by 28 cloud-based APIs, a number expected to rise by 50% by the end of 2016. These APIs can build cognition into new applications, products, processes — the core of your digital company. The wall graphic provides an overview of various IBM Watson APIs, e.g. Tone Analyzer, Speech to Text, Text to Speech, Face Detection, Natural Language Classifier.

Meet IBM Watson - the platform for cognitive business

Cognitive systems like IBM Watson, transform how organizations think, act, and operate in the future with technologies which leverage natural language, hypothesis generation and evidence-based learning.

This Showcase demonstrates different case scenarios that show the potential of IBM Watson, for example:

  • Chef Watson is a cognitive web app to inspire home cooks to create never-before-seen ingredient combinations and to create delicious meals.
  • IBM Watson Health is transforming healthcare by helping organizations to improve the diagnosis and treatment of diseases.
  • Personality Insights analyzes Twitter profiles and uncovers a deeper understanding of people's personality characteristics.

NAO powered by IBM Watson

NAO is the first humanoid robot from Alderbaran Robotics. NAO is an endearing and interactive robot companion powered by the IBM Watson technology. He can be personalized and has even further senses for natural interaction. Through integrated microphones and loudspeakers, for example, NAO is able to listen and speak to you. Upon request, he can sing a song from Taylor Swift or dance “Gangnam Style”. He is also equipped with two cameras, which enable him to recognize shapes and objects.

Cognitive Factory

Due to the increasing digitization, the manufacturing industry is facing enormous challenges. The intelligent factory heralds a new industrial revolution - the era of Industrie 4.0. The starting point of the cognitive factory is a secure connection of machines both locally and in the cloud.

This showcase forms with five processing stations and simple controllers a functioning image of industrial machinery and Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), which deliver data through industry buses. The factory data are supplemented by additional sensors. The applications showcase the integration and live visualization of data as well as predictive analytics.

Elderly Care

Live longer at home - IBM Elderly Care enables more safety to the homes of elderly people! Sensors are installed into the homes for detecting emergencies automatically. The sensor data can also be used to identify illnesses, such as dementia, at an early stage.

With Elderly Care, IBM helps insurance companies to provide additional services to their customers and at the same time, costs can be reduced. This project was implemented by Orthopädietechnik Berlin, the Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau and 40 other industry partners. A showcase apartment can be visited in Berlin Marzahn.

Industrie 4.0 Pilot at John Deere

John Deere, IBM, Industrie 4.0 technology solution providers and research institutes have started a pilot project. The objective was to evaluate future potentials of Industrie 4.0 technologies in combination with an established lean production approach in two subassembly areas for the John Deere 6000 Tractor Series. One considerable component of the actual pilot project is the IBM Industrie 4.0 Integration Platform. It promotes close collaboration and interaction of manufacturing employees, process and order data as well as machines and various sensors by fast and flexible data integration and exchange.

Security in the Real World

While you are establishing your business, attackers are persistently working to breach your network. They will use increasingly sophisticated methods to find a way in. With IBM you can protect your company against those attacks. IBM’s Enterprise Security Portfolio provides companies around the world with multilayer protection from today’s sophisticated threats.

Explore how IBM Security ensures the highest level of security across cloud computing, mobile devices, data, networks and applications.

Football 4.0

An exciting new way to showcase the Internet of Things capabilites on IBM Bluemix. Two IBM students developed this in just two months.
Sensors track current game situations and send data to the cloud. With IBM Cloudant data is stored and evaluated. A reponsive WebApp analyses the data in real time and presents the scores. Players can login using their LinkedIn profile and have the chance to be represented in the "Wall of Fame," the league that tracks all the games played. Using Twitter, fans can support the players by cheering #IBM #GoTeamRed oder #'GoTeamBlue.

The Weather Company

The Weather Company is the leading provider of weather-driven business solutions and was acquired by IBM in 2016. Weather Underground was founded as the first online weather service and offers the largest network of personal weather stations worldwide, with more than 200.000 reporting stations.

One weather station is located at the IBM Client Center in Ehningen. To ensure access to the latest weather information, the weather station collects real-time weather data at regular intervals and shares it with Weather Underground.

Weather Underground provides unique weather information solutions to leading media companies and millions of users across the globe through its mobile apps and website, where they can be retrieved at any time.

Through the analysis of weather data, companies can make successful decisions.

Hybrid Cloud Sculpture

Cloud technologies have and will change almost all areas of our life with a lasting effect. For companies this means that digital business models are increasingly replacing existing value chains.

The Hybrid Cloud showcase combines a ball track with displays that interact with the spheres entered into the sculpture. In accordance to the sphere color one of three customer references are triggered:

  • Cloud Managed Services supports OSRAM in focusing on its core competencies and on the challenges of the digital transformation.
  • Whenever SKIDATA customers unlock their gates or use electronic tickets at parking lots, they are benefiting from the ease of using IBM SoftLayer Cloud.
  • FNB relies on the IBM mainframe to evolve its infrastructure to support a new digital banking model, and reaching customers in new ways - all the time, everywhere.


Expectations of digitization are also high in the e-commerce sector. Companies need to better understand customers in order to respond more quickly to their needs. The aim is to understand the signs of the customer, build relationships to the customer and provide an experience that turns customers into loyal brand advocates.

The mail-order house Walz has successfully taken exactly this way with an integrated e-commerce and marketing platform from IBM and by now can respond much more quickly to customer needs and even reach new customers.

The Customer is the Channel

In today’s fast evolving global retail market, there is only one channel that matters: the Customer Channel. Their highly sophisticated demand and expectation requires retailers to bring cutting edge digital capabilities into the physical stores and vice versa.

The demo “The Customer is the channel” shows by the example of a fashion retailer, how marketers, merchants and store employees provide an optimized online and offline shopping experience to their customers through data, analytics and dynamic personalization.

Industrie 4.0

IBM shows solutions to integrate production processes and valuecreation chain. One of the priority topics is the intelligent, predictive maintenance and quality assurance in the production.
The Internet and modern technologies are increasingly shaping manufacturing industry. To the extent to which the Internet of People, the Internet of Things, and the Internet of Services are merging, totally new opportunities are arising in production logistics and planning.
We show you by means of a selected scenario (Lot Size 1) how Industrie 4.0 works. With a 3D printer as an example of a smart production machine with variable capabilities, we show the entire process along the value chain: from cooperation and communication with the customer to the order and shipment of an individual 3D print.

Data Center at IIC

The data center at the IBM Innovation Center is the basis for exploring new IBM technologies. Business Partners can enable their solutions to run on IBM hardware and software.  A secure access to cross platform test environments help to design, implement, port and test applications for their customers. In addition, they can use an IBM PureApplication System in the data center. IBM PureApplication simplifies and automates application environment deployment for both on-premises and off-premises cloud landscapes. This saves development costs, shortens the time to market and increases the quality

Heidelberg Mobil

You want to close the gap between outdoor mapping services (Google Maps and OpenStreetMap) and your CAD plans? You want to display your company area with the individual buildings for various application scenarios on mobile devices? No Problem.

Based on our Deep Map™ indoor map technology, we offer the following advantages:

  • Seamless3D indoor outdoor navigation - even across different floors.
  • Flexible map layout - according to your specifications.
  • Complete offline accessible - even in the deepest basement.
  • Perfect service - of course our data experts take over the integration and preparation of your CAD or PDF plans.

We offer the Deep Map™ indoor map solution for exhibitions and events, shopping centers, company areas, airports, railroad stations and hospitals.


netvico offers individual, digital communication solutions for the usage at point-of-interest and point-of-sale. netvico's main field of expertise is the visualisation of information, advertising messages and emotionally charged content at the point-of-sale and point-of-interest – known as digital signage. Its focus is not only on the functionality of its interactive and dynamic display screen solutions but also on the aesthetics and creativity of these digital signage systems and the connection of our solutions with existing IT infrastructures. With its customized complete solutions netvico ensures that all connected media run smoothly together and that its products meet the highest quality and design standards. We advise and accompany our clients through all project phases – from conception and product design to digital signage software and service & support.

What is the IBM Client Centers ?

In any calendar year, thousands of clients and Business Partners visit an IBM Client Center in Europe.

Visitors view solution areas in high-growth business opportunities such as Cloud Analytics mobility Social Security in an experiential IBM-branded arena.