What is the IBM Client Center Ehningen?

What is the IBM Client Center Ehningen?

Thousands of forward-thinking businesses are engaging with the IBM Client Center Ehningen in Germany each year learning how their business can stay competitive by embracing the latest technologies in Analytics, Cloud Computing, Blockchain, IBM Watson, Artificial Intelligence and of course much more.

In addition to business meetings on site, the IBM Client Center Ehningen being part of an extended network of IBM Client Centers offers many digital offerings in the web, social media and the IBM Virtual Client Center to enhance the experience and always, with your business in mind.

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We look forward to welcoming you to IBM Client Center Ehningen.



Have you already met our humanoid robot Pepper? In Pepper's "brain" works a powerful processor that is connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi. Pepper can understand the world in the way that humans do: through senses, learning, and experience.

His capabilities are based on IBM: Watson Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things technology from the IBM cloud. Through various Watson APIs, Pepper can be personalized, recognize facts as well as interpreting and answering talks. For example, with the Visual Recognition API, he can detect faces or predict the weather.

Curious? Book a guided tour through the IBM Client Center Ehningen via your IBM contact person and get to know the capabilities of Pepper!

„Hello, I am Cimon!“

CIMON (Crew Interactive Mobile CompaniON) is the world's first free-flying and autonomous assistence system in space enabled by artificial intelligence (AI). The technology demonstrator is the result of a partnership between the German Aerospace Center (DLR), Airbus and IBM. It is designed to support astronauts in performing routine work, for example by displaying procedures or presenting documents for guidance on scientific experiments or repairs. CIMON was part of the Horizons mission of Alexander Gerst in the Columbus module of the ISS and was used in scientific experiments.

In the CIMON project, the Watson AI technology from the IBM cloud is used. Through various Watson APIs, such as Speech-to-Text, Text-to-Speech or Visual Recognition, Cimon can see, hear, understand and speak to fully accomplish his tasks.

IBM Security

Cyber attacks can cause millions of dollars of damage to businesses, paralyze vital infrastructures such as banks, the power grid, airports or hospitals, and even compromise intelligence services. They are a threat to each of us. However, the response to a large-scale cyber attack is still rarely or never trained.

We’ll show you the IBM security ecosystem that leverages AI, cloud, orchestration and collaboration to help clients improve compliance, stop threats, and grow their business securely. Prepare for today‘s cyber threats of tomorrow!

IBM Client Centers Discovery Program

IBM Client Centers Discovery Program

Bringing IBM expertise (Blockchain, Internet of Things, Watson and others) directly to you.

A series of webinars, hosted in the IBM Virtual Client Center Auditorium, where you will discover how to leverage the Subject Matter Expertise in this unique network of IBM Client Centers. To register for a webinar, please click on the relevant link below. After the launch date, webinars are available on demand.

Webinars on Demand

IBM Virtual Client Center

The IBM Client Center Network on the Digital world

In much the same way as our physical client centers, which are spread around the world, bring IBM's expertise and showcase it in front of visitors, the same applies in the digital world. An IBM Virtual Client Center has as its principal role, the bringing of IBM's expertise in a digital environment

As IBM has already invested up-front in the design of the IBM Virtual Client Center, anyone including clients and partners can take advantage of the full access to the virtual center including running their own webinars, without having to incur substantial initial set-up costs.

Access a World of Knowledge

Discover the IBM Client Center nearest to you. 
Click on the red pin to get info location and directions.

IBM Client Center Amsterdam

Address: Johan Huizingalaan 765, 1066 VH Amsterdam (Netherlands)

IBM Client Center Barcelona

Address: Avinguda Diagonal, 571, 08029 Barcelona (Spain)

IBM Client Center Boeblingen

Address: Schönaicher Str. 220, 71032 Böblingen (Germany)

IBM Client Center Ehningen

Address: IBM-Allee 1 (GPS: Am Keltenwald 1), 71139 Ehningen (Germany)

IBM Client Center Brussels

Address: Avenue du Bourget/Bourgetlaan 42, B-1130 Brussels (Belgium)

IBM Client Center Copenhagen

Address: Kongevejen 495B, 2840 Holte (Denmark)

IBM Client Center Israel

Address: 94 Derech Em-Hamoshavot, Kiryat Arie, Petach Tikva (Israel)

IBM Client Center Lisboa

Address: R. Mar da China nr-3, 1990-138 Lisboa (Portugal)

IBM Client Centre London

Address: 76/78 Upper Ground, South Bank London SE1 9PZ (United Kingdom)

IBM Client Center Madrid

Address: Corazón de María 44, 28002 Madrid (Spain)

IBM Client Center Milan

Address: Piazza Gae Aulenti 10, 20124 Milano (Italy)

IBM Client Center Montpellier

Address: 1 Rue de la Vieille Poste, 34006 Montpellier (France)

IBM Client Center Moscow

Address: Presnenskaya Naberezhnaya, 10, Moscow, 123317 (Russia)

IBM Client Center Nordic in Stockholm

Address: Kistagången 6, Kista 164 92 Stockholm (Sweden)

IBM Client Center Oslo

Address: Lakkegata 53, 0183 Oslo (Norway)

GISC Nice-Paris

Address: 17 avenue de l’Europe, 92270 Bois-Colombes (France)

IBM Client Center Paris

Address: 17 avenue de l’Europe, 92270 Bois-Colombes (France)

IBM Client Center Wien

Address: Obere Donaustraße 95, 1020 Wien (Austria)

IBM Client Center THINKLab

Address: IBM Research – Zurich, Säumerstrasse 4, 8803 Rüschlikon (Switzerland)

IBM Client Center Zurich

Address: Vulkanstrasse 106, 8048 Zürich (Switzerland)

IBM Client Center locations by Country

Boeblingen, Ehningen
Map of Europe

IBM Client Center locations by Country

Rooms & Facilities

Our modern rooms are well equipped with state-of-the-art audio and video technology. We provide HD projectors, white screens, flip charts, click share and more. Variable setup options are also possible – just contact us.

Our Center

In our modern conference center, customers, business partners and IBMer find the perfect environment for discussing business topics and networking. Here you can find out about industry trends, new business areas and the IBM technology strategy and benefit from the industry knowledge and expertise of IBM and its partners.

From a meeting for two up to a large event - the modern premises provide the ideal environment for any kind of event. Our experienced event team will help you to make your event a success.

Our exhibition area gives you insights into the IBM solution portfolio. The focus is on the presentation of current customer projects and technologies.

We look forward to meeting you here!

Room Type 1

Room Vilnius / Room Tallinn Room Vilnius / Room Tallinn

Room Riga / Room Helsinki Room Riga / Room Helsinki

  • Size: up to 3 persons
  • Daylight: yes
  • A/C: yes
  • Darkening: possible
  • Different Seating Options: no
  • Videoconferencing / Live Videostreaming: no

Room Type 2

Room Ortenau (8 Pers.)

Room Wien (8 Pers.)

Room Rheingau (9 Pers.)

Room Stockholm (12 Pers.)

Room Paris (12 Pers.)

Room Le Mans (14 Pers.)

Room Oslo (14 Pers.)

Room Kaiserstuhl (18 Pers.)

Room Zürich (18 Pers.)

  • Size: 8 - 18 persons
  • Daylight: yes
  • A/C: yes
  • Darkening: possible
  • Different Seating Options: yes
  • Videoconferencing / Live Videostreaming: yes

Room Type 3

Audi 1+2+3

Audi 1

Audi 3

  • Size: Audi 1 up to 250 persons / Audi 2 + 3 each up to 80 persons / Total Auditorium up to 500 persons
  • Daylight: yes
  • A/C: yes
  • Darkening: possible
  • Different Seating Options: parliamentary, cinema, row seating
  • Videoconferencing / Live Videostreaming: yes

Cloud Lounge

Request our Cloud Lounge for your event!
Its furnishing concept offers an ideal environment for the development of ideas, visions and strategies.

  • Size: up to 10 persons
  • Daylight: yes
  • A/C: yes
  • Darkening: possible
  • Different Seating Options: no
  • Videoconferencing / Live Videostreaming: yes

Special Service

Enrich your event by presenting NAO or Pepper – two interactive robot companions powered by the IBM Watson technology.

The humanoid robots are designed to be personalised: content can be added and a variety of capabilities, enriching their personality, can be shown through different Watson APIs. For example, the API Visual Recognition enables NAO and Pepper to recognize a person and to estimate the age.

This service is bookable on request and according to availability. The price varies according to the requirements and the duration of the event.

Find out more about NAO in these videos: