What is the IBM Client Center Copenhagen?

What is the IBM Client Center Copenhagen?

Thousands of forward-thinking businesses are engaging with the IBM Client Center Copenhagen in Holte each year learning how their business can stay competitive by embracing the latest technologies in Analytics, Cloud Computing, Blockchain, IBM Watson, Artificial Intelligence and of course much more.

In addition to business meetings on site, the IBM Client Center Copenhagen being part of an extended network of IBM Client Centers offers many digital offerings in the web, social media and the IBM Virtual Client Center to enhance the experience and always, with your business in mind.

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We look forward to welcoming you to IBM Client Center Copenhagen.


Blockchain at Client Center Copenhagen

At IBM Client Center Copenhagen, we demonstrate how blockchain technology is disrupting the way businesses - and the world - operate. Blockchain is a shared ledger for recording the history of transactions. The record is shared among all participants of a business network, and these participants have access to all information shared on a need-to-know basis.

In addition to the presentation of blockchain and its disruptive capacity, the exhibition at IBM Client Center Copenhagen also demonstrates how business like Mærsk A/S, Walmart and IBM IGF are utilizing blockchain technology to disrupt their industries today.

The Weather Company at Client Center Copenhagen

The Weather Company delivers concrete solutions based on more than 40 billions of very locally weather prognoses. In 2015 IBM bought The Weather Company making IBM able to help multiple businesses make more informed decisions and create better results.

At IBM Client Center Copenhagen we have invested in our own weather station for our exhibition, providing us with data of e.g. wind directions, temperature, and humidity.

Internet-Of-Things at Client Center Copenhagen

At IBM Client Center Copenhagen, we demonstrate how IBM delivers IoT-solutions to market leaders in many various industries; ISS, KONE, the self-driving bus Olli ect.

Internet-of-things (IoT) arise when physical objects are equipped with sensors, combining them in a digital circuit, which enables the objects to communicate with each other.
In that way, you can say that IoT represent the digital disruption of our physical world, and this can lead to new knowledge and insights, increased efficiency, better use of resources, focus on sustainability and innovation.

IBM Client Centers Discovery Program

IBM Client Centers Discovery Program

Bringing IBM expertise (Blockchain, Internet of Things, Watson and others) directly to you.

A series of webinars, hosted in the IBM Virtual Client Center Auditorium, where you will discover how to leverage the Subject Matter Expertise in this unique network of IBM Client Centers. To register for a webinar, please click on the relevant link below. After the launch date, webinars are available on demand.

On Demand Webinars

IBM Virtual Client Center

The IBM Client Center Network on the Digital world

In much the same way as our physical client centers, which are spread around the world, bring IBM's expertise and showcase it in front of visitors, the same applies in the digital world. An IBM Virtual Client Center has as its principal role, the bringing of IBM's expertise in a digital environment

As IBM has already invested up-front in the design of the IBM Virtual Client Center, anyone including clients and partners can take advantage of the full access to the virtual center including running their own webinars, without having to incur substantial initial set-up costs.

Access a World of Knowledge

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Think 2019 offers you the possibility to explore the technologies that are redefining industries.

From captivating solutions to transformative outcomes, technical deep dives to expert roundtables, Think is offering you more ways to learn about your favorite topics through a personalized journey that’s meaningful to you.

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Rooms & Facilities

Our modern rooms are well equipped with HD projectors, white screens, flip charts and pin boards – variable setup options are also possible.

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