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Nowadays, information needs to be made vastly accessible. IBM Client Centers provide a 360-degree client experience and the right business models to enable stakeholders in the creation of disruption across all industries: from finance, to healthcare or retail. Our deep understanding of highly relevant skills, cultures and networks is continuously shaped by cutting-edge IBM expertise in Cloud, AI, Blockchain, Cybersecurity and IoT technologies, which we leverage to develop brand-owned business solutions and to drive immediate value for our clients.

Main advantages

Each IBM Client Center enables you to find your best-suited business solutions, showcased around leading innovative technologies, based on your needs. Furthermore, we provide numerous digital sources of information, in the form of cost-free webinars, on the most relevant industry-related topics, such as cloud, blockchain and more. These will give you the chance to listen to and engage with renowned IBM subject-matter experts from all around the world.

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