Every day for the past 100 years, IBM has invested in growth, progress and reinvention in Canada–and global reinvention from Canada!

Ayman Antoun, President, IBM Canada

Innovate with IBM

A Canadian perspective

According to the World Economic Forum, which studies and benchmarks over 100 global economies, Canada is improving its overall competitiveness ranking, but its ability to innovate continues to lag that of many of the world’s wealthiest developed countries.

In the Forum’s most recent 2015/2016 Global Competitiveness Index (GCI), Canada was ranked 13th out of 140 countries, which represents a three point drop since the 2008/2009 report when it ranked among the top ten most competitive countries. Now some would argue that 13th out of a field of 140 isn’t bad; we score good marks for our solid institutions, our infrastructure and technological readiness, our macroeconomic environment, and our healthcare and education systems — but of concern is the reports finding that Canada remains a below average performer on its capacity to innovate.

Similarly, while the Conference Board of Canada shows we are decreasing the innovation gap, Canada’s ‘A’ in entrepreneurial ambition is offset by a ‘D’ in business R&D.

At IBM we have always believed that investment in research and development is an important driver for Canadian competitiveness and growth. Every day for the past 100 years, IBM has invested in growth, progress and reinvention in Canada – and global reinvention from Canada.

We believe one of the best ways to address our innovation gap is for academia, industry and government to work more collaboratively on common initiatives that can help incubate, innovate, accelerate and commercialize Canadian innovation and export it onto the world stage.

Since we first adopted the name “IBM” in 1917, IBM Canada has continued to evolve to meet the needs of its clients and Canadian citizens, underpinned by smart people and strong values.

As one of Canada’s top ten private R&D investors, we are constantly developing new ways to solve the world’s biggest problems. In the past 15 years, we’ve invested over $6 billion in Canadian research initiatives. Last year alone we invested over $478 million.

IBM is now a cloud company that lives at the intersection of AI and cloud technology and business.

The following pages outline many of the investment initiatives IBM Canada currently has underway — all focused on setting the standard for driving a collaborative innovation ecosystem in Canada; for improving our commercialization prospects, and creating more “made in Canada” products and services.