Why IBM for your hybrid cloud approach

What’s your hybrid cloud advantage?

The new generation of hybrid cloud provides a common platform across all of your cloud, on-premises and edge environments. That means you can skill once, build once and manage from a single pane of glass. IBM® provides you with the most comprehensive and consistent approach to development, security and operations across hybrid environments.

In fact, our hybrid cloud approach can offer up to 2.5x more value than a public cloud-only approach. With our hybrid cloud value calculator, you can determine the value that a hybrid cloud approach can bring to your business.

Graph showing value trajectory with hybrid cloud adoption

Value trajectory with hybrid cloud adoption


A hybrid multicloud platform drives 2.5 times more value than a single-cloud approach.¹


Accelerate development by up to 66% using IBM and Red Hat® solutions together.²


More than 90% of Fortune 500 companies trust Red Hat.³


Explore cloud solutions to meet your business needs

Act on insights with edge computing and 5G

Automate operations and improve experiences with data insights processed faster at the edge.

Speed up software and services delivery

Increase agility, shorten releases, improve reliability and stay ahead of the competition.

Build intelligent IT operations

Deploy AI across the ITOps toolchain. Deftly manage incidents across mission-critical workloads.

Get unified security management

Take advantage of continuous edge-to-cloud protection and compliance management for your data and applications.

Drive up to 3x more value

Partner with IBM Garage, innovate with our teams, and discover how to realize more than 102% business and IT ROI⁴ by designing smarter hybrid cloud solutions.

Chat with an IBM expert in a 30-minute strategy session at no cost

Discover the full value of your hybrid cloud potential with an IBM expert consultation at no cost.


¹ The hybrid cloud platform advantage (PDF, 340 KB), IBM Institute for Business Value, June 2020
² The Total Economic Impact of Using Both IBM and Red Hat Solutions Together, Forrester, June 2019
³ Client data and Fortune 500 list (link resides outside IBM.com), Red Hat, June 2020